5 Features That PS5 Should Have

Jem: Soon (but hopefully not too soon), the PS5 will be unloading in the nearest game stores and into our homes to replace our old PS4/PS4 Pro. But as early as now, gamers and developers alike are already making assumptions and blissful wishes as to what the PS5 will have to offer. You’ll find communities on Reddit, twitter, and Tumblr to contain discussion after discussion on what they hope to see and hopefully what Sony will answer.

A loyal fan of the PlayStation myself, I’ve got a few ideas in mind as to what the awaited console should have.

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OmnislashVer36159d ago

Eh, stating the obvious. Everyone's gonna say BC, more power, blah blah blah.

1). Better OS, and dedicated RAM for it. If we get 16GB GDDR6 as well as 4GB DDR3 for the OS, we'll essentially have 3x the RAM dedicated to games(and even more to graphics.) An additional 4GB DDR3 is a modest price increase but will give us much more in practice as the system won't have to dip into gaming RAM, and all our gaming RAM stays gaming. Plus this is enough to run the OS smoothly as it sucks currently. A good example for the OS is the Material design someone came up with.

2). Vapor Chamber cooling. As it stands the Pro is a leaf blower, and this will allow higher clocks as well as lower noise and a smaller form factor. Since 7nm is essentially 2x the 14nm we're currently on, this means we'll get around 2x the power, an EVEN larger console than the Pro, and yet another leaf blower, at the same price. At 9 TFLOPS this is not what I expect. Increase the price so we break 10 TFLOPS, lower noise, and smaller form factor.

3). Better subtitle support. Plex has to burn in subtitles when streaming from my computer.

4). Better search functionality for themes, and also searching via artist.

5). Last is the usual. Blah blah blah break 10 TFLOPS, Backwards Compatibility, 2+TB HDD, 16GB GDDR6, Ryzen/Navi, better controller plz plz. Damn it's always the same circle jerk on specs. Not that I don't want them as well but you're stating what's been said a million times over as if nobody knows. This article is so damn poorly written.

MudPrince157d ago

Agreed, but it should also provide a hefty A.I (Character) to challenge Microsoft's Cortana,

Runechaz159d ago

What about 2 hdd slot.. one 1tb hdd come with the system and you can fill the second slot with the hdd of your choise.