The Virtual Console is Dead (and Why That's OK)

The Virtual Console brand is dead, but it's far from over for classic gaming. Will the Switch be better without this outdated selection of games?

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gamer7804188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

its okay because of what we don't know in the future? thats the conclusion drawn. There is no way around that games you bought are no longer playable outside the wiiu is bad for consumers. It would have been better for gamers had Nintendo had BC for atleast their VC games. It's just old school emulation it shouldn't be that hard. Instead they only taught gamers that they should have just bought a retropi instead.

Tross188d ago

I don't actually own a Switch yet and have been holding out for VC, so this is definitely affecting my plan to buy one. I will wait for E3 though as although Nintendo is ditching the VC brand, they must have some plan for their classic games beyond just streaming (which I have no interest in). They can't be so dumb as to ignore all the profit they could be making off classic games. I'll give them a chance to redeem themselves anyways, and I'm hoping they won't disappoint.

gamer7804188d ago

I think their plan is to rotate them out w/ their paid online program, if thats really it, thats not much of a replacement.

marloc_x186d ago

Pretty fun handing a buddy a Joycon, to battle up the Mario Bros leaderboard.. 

..enjoy your retropi though, champ..😉

gamer7804186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

I wouldnt try to battle up a leaderboard using a joycon, atleast use a pro level controller whether on switch or pc

preciousdeath188d ago

Nintendo Defense Force is in full effect. This is anti-consumer BS, Nintendo.

Razmiran188d ago

I understand that no virtual console isnt good, but why is it anti-consumer? I mean they would have made you pay for the games again

preciousdeath188d ago

Exactly my point. You either have to buy it again or can't buy it at all (no VC). For digital games, that's such a backwards way to treat your customers.

Prince_TFK188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Nintendo had never promised that VC would come to the Switch. It just people here who had hoped for that, especially the ones that don’t even own the Switch, so they can bash Nintendo as usual.

TheOttomatic91188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

If they’re rebranding to make it something more professional (like the XB1 BC) then that’s cool but then again if they’re abandoning BC completely then that’s a huge bummer.