How Does a Zelda Game Become Irrelevant?

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most famous and highly regarded franchises in the history of video games, but that doesn’t mean every entry in the series gets its proper due. Sure, everyone knows and lauds masterworks like Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Breath of the Wild, but those are but a few standouts in a franchise defined by a score of entries.

If you ask fans of the series what their favorite title is, you’ll likely hear a dozen different answers, yet one game curiously gets left out of the conversation: The Minish Cap, a 2004 entry on the Game Boy Advance.

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wonderfulmonkeyman793d ago (Edited 793d ago )

To be fair, the Four Swords remake on the GBA, and Triforce Heroes, kinda faded into the background, too.
They aren't CD-I bad, but neither of them really lived up to their promise.

Four Swords Adventures on the GC, though, now that was an amazing attempt.

Also, I think it's pretty much majority consensus, these days, that Spirit Tracks was superior to Phantom Hourglass.

Cobra951792d ago

Four Swords is another travesty, but at least it bore a certain resemblance to a real Zelda game. Triforce Heroes is on the same misshapen branch. However, The Minish Cap was a good game, and more importantly, a good Zelda game. I quite enjoyed it.

rainslacker792d ago

One of the CD-i games wasn't that bad. Can't remember which one it was off the top of my head though. There were three. One was decent. one was Ok at best, one was complete crap.

Cobra951792d ago

I swear I came into the comments section just to post that. And here it is, the very first comment. Yep. The CD-i foray was a black mark on the franchise.

strayanalog792d ago

Most definitely! Everything about it is bad to the point of no coming back. I still shudder at: "Well excuse me princess." Ugh.
But I'm glad to know you were going to say something about CD-i, because those games are nightmarish and shouldn't be forgotten when people get mad over Link not talking.

OnDec76793d ago

BOTW is just as bad : The lack of classic Zelda stule music 🎶🎶 kills the Zelda feel if the game and it's repetitive and boring and the repeat enemies are wacked ..........

Lockdown555792d ago

Lol, I don't even know where to start in trying to correct this...

EddieNX 792d ago (Edited 792d ago )

I absolutely love The Minish Cap it's one of my personal favourites. But then again, so is every other Zelda game so I don't know how that works.

I loved going small in that game is a fantastic mechanic, perfectly implemented and the art work was beautiful.

Cobra951792d ago

Yes, yes. Fun, engrossing title. Captivated me for a good while.

Tross792d ago

I'm sure the Minish Cap would do ok on the Switch, but Nintendo hates money so that's not happening. I think for the most part every Zelda game besides the CDi ones has been appreciated to an extent. The handheld ones seem to be more likely to be underrated by Zelda standards, such as my beloved Oracle games, but their reception is generally good with most of those who have played them proclaiming fondness. I've personally never played a Zelda game I didn't love while I was playing it, and this is coming from a PlayStation fan, although I am equally guilty of overlooking many of the handheld entries.