Do We Really Need A PS5 In The Near Future?

Does it make sense for Sony to launch the PlayStation 5 in the near future?

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chrisx160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

yes of course we do. it's tradition.

TheKingKratos160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Not really no
Last gen it was because graphics were starting to feel dated but now we are getting almost CGI graphics on ps4 pro
What next gen will bring other than higher res ?? and you still won't get better fps than what you are getting now unless it's a remaster because developers will still aim for 30fps to push graphics
And unlike last gen developers are taking too long to release one game while last gen you get 2 or 3 games from the same developer

Minute Man 721160d ago

If 60 fps(with some games @ 120 fps) isn't the standard next gen then Sony n M$ royally screwed up

Liqu1d160d ago

Better framerates, better AI, larger and more detailed worlds, more use of physics and destructible environments etc.

There's numerous areas where next gen hardware can allow games to improve in that doesn't involve graphics..

Trindividual160d ago

ps4 is getting underpowerd soon. ps5 will deff be twice or tripple as powerfull as the ps4.

DVAcme160d ago

A more powerful system doesn't mean exclusively better graphics. It's also about performance, AI, interface, RAM, hard drive capacity and capability, it's data transfer and modem capability, etc. That's like saying the only thing the PS2, PS3 or PS4 have over their predecessors is better graphics, which is quite evidently not true.

soulrebel160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

We're massively cpu bound right now. More rich, seamless environments and complex interactions not possible till we get consoles with Ryzen cpu's. Memory and storage speeds are also an issue. If you want games to evolve, then next gen is exciting. Reveal unlikely to come until e3 2019, release maybe spring 2020, Xmas 2019 absolute earliest anyway, so you get your wish to stick with ps4 pro anyway for quite a while.

G3ng4r160d ago

Betcha the specs are near finalized at this point.

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WilliamSheridan160d ago

It's too soon and graphics cards haven't advanced fast enough and become cheap enough for a worthwhile generational leap. Maybe 2020 or 2021

nitus10159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

A major problem is the current price of graphics cards which actually have increased in price due to many higher end cards being used in cryptocurrency mining

Coupled with that if you look at the cheaper laptops/tablets it is very common to see memories of 4GB instead of 8GB which would be what you would have expected if memory prices had fallen. From my perspective, the 16GB of memory I have in my 2.5-year-old desktop is now almost 50% dearer than what I originally paid for it.

Hopefully by the time 2020 rolls around memory prices will have come down such that the PS5 will have 12GB to 16GB of GDDR5 (maybe 6) memory or even something like what the PS4pro has an additional 1GB to 2GB of DDR4 (possibly 5) memory for the operating system although if the PS5 has 16GB of GDDR memory DDR memory possible won't be needed.

Obviously, 4K TV's will be supported although come 2020 8K TV's will start to become mainstream (they are available now) so some support should be made.

What would be a really nice feature in the PS5 is a solid state main disk (swappable - of course) and a possible a docking bay for cheaper high capacity 2.5" HDD's so that games you commonly play can be played off the SSD (short loading times) and other less played games off the HDD or if you have the money a larger capacity (ie. more expensive) SSD.

Note: A docking bay for a 2.5" drive would be fairly easy to engineer with very little cost and would be much more ergonomic than a drive being connected via cable.

seanpitt23160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

I think a release date on November 2019 would be a good date that's a year and 6 months a way. That would mean the ps4 would be 6 years old and the new tech could push native 4K 30fps/60fps better physics and bigger worlds and better Ai, the ryzen CPUs will make a tonne of difference next gen.

joab777160d ago

We don’t NEED one but it would be nice. Maybe next fall. But they have to make most of this gens games playable because the consumer base is enormous.

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Nyxus160d ago

Eventually yes, but not yet. I'd say 2020 or later.

ArchangelMike160d ago

I second this. 2019 E3 reveal, for 2020 launch.

Goldby160d ago

2019 PSX reveal i think would be better

MarineLineman160d ago

If rather they just do what they did for PS4: host an event in early 2020, launch in time for the holidays. That way they don’t risk derailing PS4.

paintedgamer1984160d ago

Its going to be announced e3 2019 and launch fall 2019 wether youre ready or not. It was ok to launch the pro 3 years after the ps4... why wouldnt the ps5 come 3 years after that? A generation will never go 7 years again unless another recession hits.

getbacktogaming160d ago

I hope for a PS5 in 2019 but the pro was an experiment ... Not sure what Sony thought of it im the end? Meanwhile wouldn't be bummed if you just bought a PS4 pro and the PS5 was announced?

yellowgerbil160d ago

My money is at this year's psx it will be revealed. We are all expecting there to be little to no new triple a announcements so why wait and have nothing of worth to show at there own special show celebrating all things playstation

DVAcme160d ago

I think it's too soo. The PS4 is stillcranking out way too many great games and selling too well for a 2019 release. I'm predicting Christmas 2020. That gives developers the time for a healthy release library.

blackblades160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Rather have it in 2019 for us inpatient people thats getting old and if people don't want it early then wait til slim or pro comes out.

getbacktogaming160d ago

I would love that as long as it's backwards compatible

nitus10159d ago


If the PS5 has x86_64 architecture which is what the PS4 has then it would be crazy for Sony not to support backward compatibility since that feature does sell consoles at the start of a new generation. Later while BC is still a nice value-added feature it is not a console seller since games then take over.

raWfodog160d ago

Yes, more specifically, I'd say Fall of 2020. PS4 still has plenty of room to grow and the Pro can have a few price cuts up until then.

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iain04160d ago

Fingers crossed it’s not for 3-4 year.

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yellowgerbil160d ago

YES. Give it to me now.
I love my ps4 but lets not kid ourselves, the system is far from perfect. The dual shock 4 is the worst controller for a major console since the DUKE; terrible battery life, rewinds movies on its own due to the triggers being placed where they can occasionally be set on the ground and think you are pressing buttons, and terrible rubber covers to the analog sticks. Besides the controller the system itself needs a serious fix, When the ps4 came out everything loaded up in seconds I could hit power and within 10/20 seconds be opening Netflix or youtube, now it is about 2 minutes with about 40 seconds before the user screen is even showing, then have to deal with it constantly loading to change my privacy settings and if I don't exit out of that it just continues loading for minutes for something that has ALREADY been set and have no interest in changing.
I love the PS4 but it is flawed and a PS5 will be a day one purchase for me. Also I really want to play death stranding, Ghost of Tsushima and TLOU2 and I am convinced all 3 will be ps5 games (death stranding and TLOU2 might be on both like Zelda was but Ghost is never coming to PS4 I bet).

gameseveryday160d ago

There is no system which can be termed as 'perfect'. You bring consoles to play games ( at least in my point of view). There are better ways to watch Netflix and Youtube. For me, the line-up of PS4 exclusives which is going to last until at least late 2019 is amazing and there is absolutely no need for a new console anytime soon.

paintedgamer1984160d ago

Exactly, but if ghosts of t, tlou2, and death stranding all release before fall 2019 what is the wait? The ps4 will be well past 100 mil consoles by fall 2019. You have to agree most big sony 1st partys are already at work for ps5 games.

Rude-ro160d ago

The thumb tops were fixed in year one. Not sure why you are still having issues.
Load times... not sure. Hard drive completely full? Mine loads faster actually, but I upgraded to an ssd.
PlayStation still has the best looking games, not sure why none of the games listed would have issues on the ps4.
I mean the last of us sent out the ps3, god of war sent out the ps2... so I see no issue.
I’m still sticking to 2020. Twentieth anniversary to the ps2.

InKnight7s160d ago

Actually, FFXII is the game that had sent out PS2.

yellowgerbil160d ago

Well I guess Sony forgot to send out my free replacement controller then.
And answer me this, if the ps5 is fully backwards capable with 4 why wouldn't you want a 5 tomorrow, absolutely no reason you wouldnt

Jinger160d ago

Also, get rid of the pointless touchpad and light bar. Why they put options and share so close to that damn touchpad is beyond me. However, I do like this controller in my hand more that the dualshock 3, it has a bit more girth.

yellowgerbil160d ago

yeah, while the ps4 is a great system only the most obsessive of fanboy will claim the lightbar isn't a huge hindrance. I would love it if I could use my switch pro controller on my ps4, THAT is the best controller I've ever held in my hands.

rainslacker160d ago

The light bar doesn't hinder anything. It's pointless, and hardly ever used effectively, but I've never once been hindered by it. The options button so close to the touchpad can be annoying in some games which use both, but also not really a hindrance

JimmyDM90160d ago

The only thing the lightbar is good for is finding your controller in the dark.

JAWx423159d ago

I understand that the Dualshock 4 has some issues, but it's crazy to me that it's the first thing you'd point out as far as PS4 issues go because I think it's a HUGE improvement over the DS3 controller and one of the best controllers ever made. That's just my opinion though.

yellowgerbil159d ago

clearly you haven't played with the switches pro controller. better build and feel all around.
The ps4 controller is terrible, 5hr battery life rubber tips tearing on the sticks, buttons presses due to things being poorly spaced within the casing that cause movies to rewind on their own mid watch.
Yet clearly it is "one of the best controllers ever made"
People talk about xbox fans blindly touting praise instead of holding them accountable for the lack of games, it is hypocritical to not do the same for Sony. The controller is garbage and I'd much rather use my ps3 controller (which also had the same button press issues) because at least that doesn't need to be charged EVERY day.

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