The Rise, Ruin and Resurrection of Rare

Victor Cardoso charts the rise, fall and subsequent mini-revival of UK developer Rare. A studio that has had its fair share of triumphs and false dawns in the past.

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Minute Man 721165d ago

Need that Battletoads on the X1. What is M$ waiting on?

yankolo165d ago

Yeah men give a battletoads remastered colection ...include battletoads and double dragon too.

Obscure_Observer165d ago

@Minute Man 721

Man, as crazy as may sound, i don´t want RARE to make a Battletoads games. I would rather task them with a new true AAA Perfect Dark game and give Battletoads to be developed by Studio MDHR in an amazing metroidvania style. :)

Minute Man 721165d ago

I welcome a new Perfect Dark

Derceto165d ago

Whatever made Rare special in its prime? Is long, long gone in the people who have since moved on. Rare is merely a name. Anyone who thinks this thing is "resurrected", well, I guess you can't tell the difference between resurrection, and a shambling corpse I suppose.

Rare is not "resurrected" by any means.

Sgt_Slaughter165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

I think Rare is still in the "Ruin" phase, which no resurrection in sight.

Aceman18165d ago

What resurrection? The original Rare has been gone for a long time, this version of the studio is, I dont know what it is lol

LoveSpuds165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

I would love to see a resurrection of Rare, but Sea of Thieves ain't gonna cut it and it won't happen on Microsoft's watch.

They were in their prime in NES, SuperNES and N64 days in my opinion, just thinking about them makes me nostalgic for Solar Jetman, Snake Rattle n Roll and RC ProAM. What a shame to see what became of one of the best Devs in the business 😭

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The story is too old to be commented.