Rumour: Tales of Xillia 2 PS4 Listing Spotted Online

Well this is a bit weird. As spotted by ResetEra user manustany, Swiss retailer CeDe has a listing for Tales of Xillia 2... On PlayStation 4. Could Bandai Namco be porting the PlayStation 3 title to Sony's current-gen hardware?

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Razmiran875d ago

Second one is quite different, it has a mini story side questy structure
Its not bad by any means, but not for everyone

ZeroX9876875d ago (Edited 875d ago )

Abyss was on 3DS, Symphonia was ported in HD for PC/PS3, Tales of Hearts R remade for Vita, where's Vesperia?
I want Vesperia in the west on a playstation platform :)

TheGoodestBoi875d ago

Eff yeah! I've only jumped on the Tales wagon recently with Berseria and Zetiria loved them both would like to try the older ones

Movefasta1993875d ago

might aswell port 1 over alongwith it

gangsta_red875d ago

Why?! The second one was terrible. The first one was fantastic.

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The story is too old to be commented.