State of Decay 2: 'We didn’t want microtransactions or loot boxes with Zombucks'

Can State of Decay 2 survive against the battle royale horde? Chris Wallace talks to Undead Labs' design director Richard Foge about Xbox Game Pass, cross-play and the importance of community.

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Goldby214d ago

its good to hear the devs have a spine and are not including lootboxes or MTs

slate91214d ago

Hopefully gears, halo, and forza will take this stance with their next games. Not sure though.

Killlacrusade214d ago

I'd be shocked if they didn't, perhaps the lootbox controversy did some good, but cosmetics/execution-animations could still be bundled In Gears/Halo

Jinger214d ago

As long as they are only limited to cosmetics I don't see the problem with MT's. However I"d like to get rid of loot boxes, because then that means even using in game currency for items will be randomized. Give me a list of objectives to complete to acquire sets of armor or let me just use in game currency or real currency to buy the cosmetics instead of randomizing it.

slate91214d ago

See Jinger I completely agree with your post. Cosmetic MTs wont ruin the game, but they completely cripple the experience of gaining certain armor/skins through objective work in gameplay. I want cosmetics that arent just pure luck (overwatch) and more you need to do x, y, and z to obtain this cool looking piece (halo 3).

Jinger214d ago


Exactly. Halo 5 REQ cards to acquire armor and moves and such was not ideal. I enjoyed Gears 4's version where you could at least burn other cards to get scraps and use the scraps to just buy the armor you want.

That being said, I'd much rather just have a standard system of objectives because it gives you something to work with instead of just grinding matches for points until you have enough to buy it. But either way I don't want randomized rewards.

j15reed214d ago

I think both could work I just want a large pool of items some random some you work toward, because what I hate the most in games is everybody running around in the same thing.

YEP414214d ago

Halo and gears micro transactions not bad at all best in the game and I love that they don’t sale maps like call of duty and battlefield and separate their fan base!

gangsta_red214d ago

Good to know there's no GaaS

The_Jackel214d ago

its still on xbox game pass which is a gaas service 😂

gangsta_red214d ago


It's also available to purchase retail, digital and the emoji?

The_Jackel214d ago

coz you said no gaas when there is

gangsta_red214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

I wouldn't really call Game Pass a type of GaaS though, it's a rental service that allows users to rent various games. It doesn't add any other options, DLC, MT's or anything else to the actual games.

I think your confusing the terminology.

Prince_TFK214d ago


Do you even know what GaaS mean?

The_Jackel213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

i think you two are confused with the things that fall under "GAAS"

Game pass falls under gaas. you play the game on game pass ps now gamefly ect its GAAS. (as if im not mistaken day 1 it will be on game pass)

so yes state of decay 2 has Gaas option when you said it doesn't. yes you can buy physical like i have pre ordered as im not a fan of digital im just hoping its good and fun with coop.

gangsta_red213d ago

Falls under GaaS and is GaaS are two different things. I rented GoW from Gamefly, does that make that game a GaaS type game? (emoji)

And Wikipedia...not very convincing.

The_Jackel213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

if you played gow via gamefly with DL'ing it to your console or streamed it to a PC (and don't own it) you used a gaas service to play it... if you went to a video store and rented the game or gamefly sent you a physical copy and you return it after a day or so its called renting....
would you like me to just type it out and not provide a link next time and just state it as fact? because we know what you would say about that hence why i gave a link

also it's not my fault you don't understand what is GAAS and what isn't, maybe take the time to read wiki and maybe even google it and you will find the info... because i'm not going around in circles because you don't understand how something works, as that isn't my problem, that's yours

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