Will People Pay for Nintendo Switch Online?

Are people eager to pay up to go online with Nintendo, or are they holding out for something more?

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Moonman164d ago

Smash Bros. is releasing. Does that answer your question?

Aceman18163d ago

I'm about 90/10 on the No side. I don't play any of their online games so I'd rather put that 20 towards a game I want.

getbacktogaming163d ago

I don't play Nintendo games online but if I did isn't 20$ kinda cheap anyway?

SR388163d ago

Hmmm although SMA5H will be godlike... This online thing is well, I don't know... The price is great but we still don't know everything about it ... It all depends

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narsaku163d ago

Why pay a fee for the privilege to use your own internet, with games you paid full price or more for?

I'm certainly no fool.

I can still play Medal of Honor Allied Assault and Diablo 2 online to this day, and I've never had to fork anyone over money for that.

Leeroyw163d ago

No. For me, my Switch has become a train distraction or for flying or distracting a kid for 20 minutes. Compared to PS plus where for 60 bucks I get at least 24 new or near new games this seems like nostalgia only. Their store is terribly laid out and I'm starting to play this system less and less. A shame cause I loved skyrim and Zelda. Mario was over rated.

Derceto163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Um... it costs 1/3 of what XLive and PS+ costs. I'm sure people will pay it.

Will it be worth it? No. No, it won't.

Just like XLive and PS+ aren't worth it.

163d ago
TekoIie163d ago

Pretty much this.

People will pay because they have no choice.

PiNkFaIrYbOi163d ago

In most things you always have a choice. Just depends on what you are willing to face or lose out on, etc...

Araragifeels 163d ago

PS+ and XLive worth is debatable. I subscribed to PS+ for discount, Cloud Saves and Free Games. Playing PS4 Online is a minor things for me since as of now, I only Fornite and soon H1Z1. The only game that I might actually play online in the future is TLOU 2 and (maybe) Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V, if they are good but most likely not.

Prince_TFK163d ago

This I do agree. I wish online play would be free for all. But hey, money speaks.

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TheGamez100163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

I mean...its 20 bucks a year. Crazy good deal. And we still dont know all the feautures. Even if it was just to play online, its a great deal. Psn and xbl is $60 and pretty sure most just pay for the online, myself included. Still though...playing online should just be free.

Liqu1d163d ago

"Even if it was just to play online, its a great deal"

No, online multiplayer should not be behind a paywall.

wonderfulmonkeyman163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Thank you. Finally, someone else around here who believe that playing with friends shouldn't be barred by paywalls, regardless of console.

Granted, the other features might be worth that $20, if Nintendo gets enough free games up and running on the service as quickly as possible.
It could be fun to play the original Secret of Mana online with Switch friends, for instance.
If someone gifts me a $20 for my birthday at some point in the future then I might get a year of it to see how things go, but I won't pay for that paywall on my own dime.

Araragifeels 163d ago

Especially when Nintendo offer limited Cloud Saves game and very classical games that i can emulate on my phone.

keegamer80163d ago

Here take my money Nintendo!

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