One Video Game Company Has Murky Ties To Trump’s Lawyer And Russian Payments

Robert Mueller’s investigation of U.S. President Donald Trump has taken all sorts of strange turns over the past year and a half, but this might be one of the strangest: It turns out that Trump’s lawyer has a circuitous connection to the video game company behind games like H1Z1 and Everquest.

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Smokehouse254d ago

H1Z1 is Russian propaganda that tipped the scales in the 2016 election? Oh it didn’t? Who cares.

360ICE254d ago

The best of both reading and interpreting skills on display here

Smokehouse254d ago

I didn’t read it. I was going to until I saw kotaku. That makes interpretation easy, just take the headline and assume the opposite.

360ICE254d ago

Lol I noticed that you didn't. And that you probably don't read a lot in general.

johndoe11211254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

I'm sure he reads a lot, he probably just doesn't read garbage articles from garbage websites that would turn his brain into faeces.

Atticus_finch254d ago

Trumpers will continue to scream no collusion, while new tides between trump and Russia keep being uncovered.
Oh I forgot Russia gooood, Fbi baaad /s.

Highlife254d ago

Trump is getting stuff done. Is he perfect not even close but it's about time someone in office is doing right by America instead of bending over.

chrono1205254d ago

Like what? Cost America millions.

bluefox755254d ago

I agree. It seems like many have already made up their mind though, and would rather see nuclear war than see Trump succeed, or even admit that he did something good. I mean, it was bad with the other side too when Obama was president, but this time it's ramped up to a whole other level. Way too much divide in this country.

Atticus_finch254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

So you don't care that he has lied continously about his Russian links and the fact that he is being investigated for wide of serious range of crimes. He has barely done anything apart from fighting lawsuits, more rallies, golfing and the typical embarrasing tweets. Also every presidents job is "to do get stuff done"why is the standard so low now for this demented man. For anyone to like Trump you have to overlook sooo sooo much, way too much. The only thing Trump is good at is talking (lying) to his uneducated base.

Highlife254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

Atticus you must be uneducated yourself. You probably take what ever the msm tells you. Do you even give him credit for North Korea? For getting Americans back? Getting rid of bad trade? Tax cuts? I would have loved better choices for president but we didn't get that. Hillary would have been nigjtmare.

I dont like trump as a person. But i didn't like the alternative. I agree with most of his policies. Taxes, pro life, stronger borders better trade and others.

Atticus_finch253d ago

Sorry my friend but you got conned. NK has always wanted to meet with a USA pres, nothing new. Infact Republicans hated the idea of Obama meeting him, Kim jong is only looking for attention. We brake the Iran nuclear deal and now you applaud a meeting with nuclear mad NK, Hilarious!!!!
"Getting Americans back" wards?
The tax cuts are only relevant if you're rich, dont forget last time repubs gaves themselves tax brakes, we have a recession. How exciting /s.
Bad trade? You might want to learn more about our dependence on other countries.
You're reasons to support Trump are misguided at best, let's not pretend like he won't flip-flop on important issues and the fact that he lacks any decent knowledge to make any good decisions. Trump only cares about one person and is not you.

Highlife253d ago

Hilarious? Getting North Korea to denuke and give us inprisoned Americans back is sonehow funny to you. This is historic. Credit where credit is due. Obama didn't need congress to go to North Korea that is just an excuse. LOL. The Iran deal was a joke we gave them billions. Obama was weak and did more to harm this country than good.

Tax cuts only for the rich is completely false. Just google it and educate yourself. Strong economy fewest unemployed blacks ever.

Sorry pal but the only one here being conned is you. You are brainwashed. Time to be a free thinker.

Atticus_finch253d ago

Obama destroyed the country? You and Trump are still taking credit for his economy and his low unemployment. How was the country before and after Obama left, I know you won't acknowledge it.

Why are you spreading lies "The 2015 agreement freed up Iranian assets that had been frozen under sanctions. Called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the deal included Iran and the United States, China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and the European Union." Iran got their money back, I'm sure you will believe Trump more though, lol.
The Iran deal was historic also I'm sure you don't care, Having the lowest rating pres is also historic btw. The Iran deal was weak? I'm guessing meeting attention whore Kim is sopposed to be strong lol.
The tax cuts is permanent for the rich, most poor people will see their taxes increase after 4 years. The rich avoid paying billion while the rest get chump change, thanks Trump 👏.
Trump is not only the worst pres in US history, he is also a terrible human being but I'm sure will defend him anyway.

Highlife253d ago (Edited 253d ago )

It doesn't matter trump's your president lol

Obamas legacy erased

My guess is that you got a tax break too. Lol

Kribwalker253d ago

The american economy was in the state it was in due to laws in the late 90s that obama was part of a lawsuit to force their creations. The Unsecured mortgages forced by these lawsuits directly contributed to the world wide financial crisis in the late 2000’s

He was part of the cause of the problem he failed to fix

Now i’m not saying trump is qualified for his job, but he was much better then the alternative Hillary and her crooked cronies. And he has already done a lot of positives

Atticus_finch253d ago

Obama's legacy erased, weird because he still exists and was a real mature president for 8 years. Trump will be lucky to make it to 4 before croaking or being impeached.
I did get a small tax break, which I don't need, I make more than enough running my business. Funny thing is I rather pay my fair share and have that money spend in infrastructure, healthcare, vets and our arm forces, things that actually matter.

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leeeroythe3rd254d ago

Lmao the leftist keep on spreading the propaganda to any and every media component owned by them...I look to kotaku or any video game website for accurate unbiased “news”

Atticus_finch254d ago

Trump is walking dumpster fire, that ain't the left's fault. Don't let facts offend you so much. Propaganda is when your boy screams "fake news" for everything he doesn't like, I'm sure you're actually okay with his propaganda.

Highlife254d ago

Right that's it or is it stupid liberals destroying this country. Anything is better than hillary.

Atticus_finch254d ago

CUTE! Why do Trump supporters like talking about Hillary so much, I guess anything is better than acknowledging you're boy Trump is garbage. I don't need to defend Hillary lol. But I hope you're getting paid to defend the indefensible Trump.

Highlife253d ago

Your beyond dumb it's crazy. I have already stated that I don't like Trump as a person. I will write it again so you get it I don't like Trump. I bring up Hillary because she was the altrernative. Crazy isn't it. I also don't defend everything Trump. What's funny is that you can't even bring yourself to the realization that Trump may have done some good things. I wish we had different choices but we didn't.

The left is a freaking joke .

Atticus_finch253d ago

Dumb? I wasn't part of the males with no college degree who voted for Trump. Your list of good things, is hardly anything worth praise and could easily be attributed to other people.
"I don't like Trump as a person" but you will go really far to defend him, aren't you admirable.
I bet you don't defend everything he does because it's impossible but I wonder if you would let him grab you by the P.
All my criticism to trump hasn't even included his collusion, racism, misogyny, dementia, unending investigations, lying and multitude of crimes, is best if you don't keep going before this discussion becomes unbearable for you. We did have a better choice but you picked the worst one.

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