Hackers find “official,” usable PSP emulator hidden in PS4’s PaRappa

Sony threw redrawn textures onto 2007 PSP version for last year's PS4 "remaster"

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Teflon021134d ago

I didn't click the article but I'm assuming this means the PS4 game is really just a emulated psp game?

TheUndertaker851134d ago

Yes, that’s exactly the case. PaRappa the Rapper Remastered on PS4 was found to be the PSP version with an emulator and higher res graphics. The main takeaway is that there is a working PSP emulator for PS4 and Sony has it.

gangsta_red1134d ago

I wonder how many other "remasters" have done the same.

kevnb1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Probably almost all of them, I keep telling people “remaster” is just a bs marketing term. Games weren’t mastered to a disk like a movie would have been, so how could they be re mastered?

Teflon021134d ago

Not likely much as that's one of the only games that came from PSP. The other few that are likely the same would be the Loco Rocos and Patapon titles. I'm not sure what else but they need to add those titles to PS4. PSP games are alot easier to emulate than PS2 or PS3 so it would be a great Idea imo

TheUndertaker851134d ago

I just wonder how many emulators Sony has running for PS4. You’d have to imagine if they have a working PS2 emulator along with a working PSP emulator they also have a PSOne emulator among other things.

PSOne titles on PS4 physically is unlikely to happen though as the PS4 doesn’t have a CD diode. So no CD reading ability.

Minute Man 7211134d ago

Sony also has the Cell emulator

kfk1134d ago

Redrawn textures is not the same thing as just "higher res graphics."

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Cajun Chicken1134d ago

Yeah well, I wouldn't care if they did the same for Powerstone Collection, Daxter and a few others.

Teflon021134d ago

Please Power Stone collection, though I'd hope they would add online

kevnb1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

This is what Sony has been doing since the 80 gb ps3. They build emaultors but force you to pay per game to use them instead of letting us use the disk. Mind you to be fair I’m not sure how a ps4 could read a Umd. The ps3 and ps4 both have locked off ps2 emulators as well.

TheUndertaker851134d ago

I think it may beg the question. While PS4 can’t really read a UMD could digital rights be transferred? Japan at one point had a program that would convert UMDs to digital for the PSP Go as well.

The story also talks about the existence of a PS2 emulator Sony uses for PS4 as well with Classic titles.

kevnb1134d ago

I’m getting disagrees for the truth...

Kribwalker1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

that’s because people don’t like to be made aware of the fact that they are paying for games they already own again. If it was just upgraded textures on a psp game repackaged and sold, it doesn’t look that great. Really it’s what the Xbox Onex has been doing to games for free if you already own them

Goldby1134d ago

No your getting disagrees because you didn't need to rebuy ps2 games to run on the ps3. Pop it in, if it's the 60 it works no matter what, if it's the 80 if it's supported it just the same. There wasn't any having yo rebuy games in ps3

TheUndertaker851134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

@Goldby: Both of which were replaced and eliminated as an option. Also, not all 80GB PS3s supported PS2 backward compatibility. The only models that did were the 20GB, 60GB, and some 80GB models.

40, some 80, 120, 160, 250, 320, and 500 variations did not support PS2 backward compatibility short of rebuying from PSN if the option is available.

PSOne games are playable on any model both physical and digital.

1134d ago
TheUndertaker851134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

@TrashCanMonster: The kicker is that the PS3 version isn’t much more than the version they released for iOS with tweaks to compensate for a TV screen versus a mobile screen.

The iOS version is the PS2 version with upgraded textures and resolution along with achievement support. The mobile versions also support cloud saves with a Rockstar account to continue on another device. I wish consoles allowed use of the same cloud save.

The thing is Rockstar is a third party. Sony isn’t. Sony has the ability to allow the emulation to occur on their console. Rockstar doesn’t. Though Rockstar used the emulator provided by Sony for the task in all likelihood. So to that extent I’d ask you to consider that fact. However I do believe in your argument as well in premise.

kevnb1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

I think some of you don’t realize any ps4/ps3 can play ps2 games when you hack it. And almost every one of these games running on emulators have upgraded nothing except render resolution, no new textures.

Mmmkay1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

You bought a licence to play the game on the PSP. No reason it should work on future consoles.
Or are you saying VHS tapes should play on a BR player? Vinyl records on a CD player? Makes no sense.

G3ng4r1134d ago

Your argument makes no sense and is somewhat irrelevant. If you own a game it is legal to play a rom of said game for free. Sony is selling you glorified roms because they are anti-consumer ever since ps3.

kevnb1133d ago

If you buy a CD or whatever you can easily copy it and even transfer the data to another medium. Poor argument.

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rainslacker1134d ago

They have no obligation to provide you with the means. They also don't have a set up like me does to be able to get the approval to run those games.

Would be nice if they did.

But they aren't forcing anyone to do anything. People choose to buy these games.

Outside_ofthe_Box1134d ago

The emulator for PS2 isn't a universal emulator. It's game by game basis. Sony could do what MS has done for XB1 by adding games to the collection as they get them to work for the emulator though.

kevnb1133d ago

No it works on almost every game, hackers are using it right now.

TheUndertaker851133d ago

“The same basic methodology also seems to work with copies of PS2 games, though these need a little bit of extra massage and recompilation with special tools to fool the PS4 into making them work with its built-in PlayStation Classics emulator. Tests so far show this basic method working on games ranging from Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 to Klonoa 2, the latter of which didn't even work on the PS3.”

Theres actually a link for the story in the one here as the methods are very similar.

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