Following Walmart's leak, Pete Hines and official RAGE account share interesting tweets about RAGE 2

DSOGaming writes: "A few hours ago, we informed you about some “leaked” games that were listed for pre-order by Walmart Canada. The one that caught us off guard was the sequel to id Software’s open-world game, RAGE. Fast forward a couple of hours and here we are with some really weird tweets from both the official RAGE account, as well as Pete Hines."

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gangsta_red2235d ago

Very interesting indeed. Besides the FF7 mention the rest of the games on that list didn't appear to far fetched.

SpaceRanger2234d ago

It seemed like a solid list. Just a shame that games meant as surprises are getting leaked just like the last few years.

gangsta_red2234d ago

Happens all the time. I don't really know how devs can stop retail stores from posting future listings.

Might as well just be transparent and save the surprises for how the game actually looks and plays.

XbladeTeddy2234d ago

It's just a game, who cares if it's known about or not. If you want suprises get someone to buy you a present.

Eldyraen2234d ago

Easiest way is to not tell them until after it’s revealed, but probably easier said than done since they need to consider stocking, advertising, etc well before its ever out.

TheCommentator2234d ago

@ Gangsta

They could also just let retailers find out about the games at E3 like we do and avoid the possibility of leaks entirely.

2234d ago
IamTylerDurden12234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Gangster red

I totally disagree. So you think Bethesdsa should just announce all their games now and take all the steam out of E3?

Remember when Norse mythology/God of War 4 rumors hit? Remember when Horizon concept art leaked? Imagine if Sony just caved and confirmed those 2 games at that time? We never would've had that epic opening to E3 2016 with the orchestra. Both HZD and God of War had huge E3 announcement showings that helped fuel the hype that would drive those games to be gigantic commercial successes.

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FPS_D3TH2234d ago

Other than forza horizon 5 which there isn’t a 4th game yet either.

isarai2235d ago

If there were ever a game held back by curent tech it was RAGE, i'd love to play a sequel cause the first ones gunplay is ace

showtimefolks2234d ago

But not just a straight up shooter give us a deep RPG

Movefasta19932234d ago

it had better gunplay than doom imo.

showtimefolks2234d ago

gameplay was very nice it just needs to come with better/more content

give it the uncharted 2 treatment make it bigger and better than the original

roadkillers2234d ago

All i heard was negatives from this game, but everyone was hyped before release. What happened?

gangsta_red2234d ago

From what I remember there was more emphasis on the actual graphics than the gameplay for Rage.

Maybe now that the tech is better these guys can deliver on both ends.

Eldyraen2234d ago

It had a lot going for it but equally bad limitations.

Mega Textures made texture loading and pop ins pretty bad—many high end pcs would get it still during quick 180 degree turns.

Online was literally broken for a while (coop missions on one console being even worse than the other for longer, think PS3).

Id Software competive mode was built on car racing? A huge left turn as they are a Shooter First known entity.

Then there was the story, especially the ending. I can remember a couple story and character elements (guy that saves you, girl with the boomerang, funhouse, etc) but the rest fell off just as much as the game’s actual end—which was so abrupt to the point it was pretty forgetful.

The world it inhabitant was great though. Raiders, Mutants, etc has great designs and the post apocalyptic setting was top notch. Sort of Fallout meets Mad Max. Gunplay was definitely solid and then you had a mix of ammo types if I remember correctly (post-Bioshock game?) and things like RC explosives to add variety to it as well.

They just need to fix the major issues and it could be great.

IamTylerDurden12234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )


Not really. The gameplay was actually vey good. I played RAGE on 360 and it was easily the most visually impressive game on that system at the time, especially at 60 frames. However, the gunplay was excellent with enemies reacting dramatically to each shot. The variety of weapons wasn't huge, but the weapons were extremely entertaining and well designed with a variety of ammo types. Chopping down charging enemies with boomerang blades, firing electric bullets into a puddle, and shooting a mind control bullet that allow you to control an enemy and then remote detonate were just a few of the visceral toys to play with.

I always loved RAGE. It had stunning visuals, a fantastic setting that was Mad Max meets Borderlands, and very solid gameplay. The actual criticisms of RAGE were a pretty forgettable narrative and protagonist as well as a very small overall map. The game world was rich and detailed, but there just wasn't enough of of it.

It always made me ill when i'd hear about the sequel being cancelled due to underwhelming sales. RAGE may have had some shortcomings, but it was a terrific foundation for an incredible franchise. If you have

Yui_Suzumiya2233d ago

I got it day one and loved it

coolbeans2233d ago

A large part of that is due to the launch. The PC and PS3 versions had it pretty rough, the PC to a much larger extent. It's easy to point out some design flaws as well. For me? I think it's one of the most underrated big-budget games of last gen--considering just how easy it was to get 9's and 10's for other popular titles.

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TheCommentator2234d ago

I agree, because the XB1/PS4 handle Tiled Resources much better than last gen. I also found myself having to use all of the weapons in the game because of how they each worked on specific enemy types. Normally I don't use all of the different guns because I'll find that "an all-purpose weapon" and a few ancilliary weapons are all I need.

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Hardiman2235d ago

Cool , I enjoyed the original but the ending was a let down.

UCForce2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Agree. The game was good, but my god the ending is so bad. Hopefully, they make a better ending than the last one.

Relientk772234d ago

Really hoping RAGE 2 is real and we see a reveal and gameplay at E3