EA CEO: We’re ‘pushing forward’ with loot boxes despite regulation

Belgium and the Netherlands have ruled that many loot boxes in games like FIFA Ultimate Team are equivalent to gambling and in violation of their laws, but FIFA publisher Electronic Arts says it plans to continue its loot-box Ultimate Team mode.

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Snookies12215d ago

Of course you are EA, we already know you're money hungry. You don't have to keep spelling it out for us, lol.

-Foxtrot215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

"We want to do better"


"We’re ‘pushing forward’ with loot boxes despite regulation"


I just...I just don' know what forget it.

UltraNova214d ago

I couldn't wait for the new Battlefield game, now how can I support them when they blatantly declare that they regretted nothing? Damn you EA, really damn you.

Obscure_Observer214d ago


"I couldn't wait for the new Battlefield game, now how can I support them when they blatantly declare that they regretted nothing? Damn you EA, really damn you."

Are you... disappointed? Interesting... I could swear that was you complaining about GaaS just a few days ago. Not that i´m surprised though. Like i said; some kids will cry and whine about GaaS until they have to face that the game they want is filled with it.

You just proved me right.

KwietStorm214d ago


So you're saying games as a service and lootboxes are the same thing? A game cannot be "filled" with gaas. It either is a game as a service or it isn't.

Muzikguy213d ago


That doesn’t make sense. Is the new Battlefield supposed to be a monthly subscription? That would be GaaS. If it is then I wouldn’t support it, but I do like the series and the old games and would check them out otherwise. Loot boxes though I’m done. EA and Ubisoft games I’ll just keep passing on. There are better games out there

UltraNova213d ago (Edited 213d ago )


So I'm not allowed to enjoy the SP portion of the game as well? Or the included MP maps, just like it did with all previous BF games? Hell cant I buy it used?? Moreover, when was BF a GaaS game? What was so... my comment for you to go haywire over it and call me out when I literally just said if EA monetizes(Battlefront 2) any aspect of the game I wont be buying it no matter how much I wanted to?

No I'd never buy another EA game again if they try anything close to what they did with Battlefront 2 and no I don't give a shit if you dont believe me.

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2pacalypsenow214d ago

A company whose only purpose is make money is "Money hungry".

Go figure...

PapaBop214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Not true, they're all doing MTs these days, most are just smart enough to be a little more subtle about it and don't ram it down your throat. Just look at the Fifa menus, over half of the main menu screen the one you look at every time you load the game up is dedicated to UT regardless of whether you have ever even played the game mode or not. These aren't just static menus either, they're videos too designed to draw attention to them like the sort of trashy flash adverts that all but forced everyone to use adblockers when browsing the web. No other game I own goes this far too push MTs.

JackBNimble214d ago

I don't play fifa but I do play NHL, last NHL I bought was NHL 16.
But ultimate league is only one mode out of many, kind of like a fantasy league, and that is where the so called loot boxes are in.
I don't get what everyones problem is with it, you don't need to play in that mode to play competitively online.

And this type of game mode has been around for years now and undisputed.

You guy's need to get over this loot box crap, I doubt you even play most of these games in the first place. But continue to whine and bitch.

2pacalypsenow214d ago

I have an 86 ovr squad in UT without spending a dime on Packs.

PapaBop214d ago

I'm not suggesting you need to spend money on UT, that's not what this is about, it's about EA's conduct as a business overall in relation to other industry players in a similar position. Anyway, I can counter "companies like money" argument in a far more simplistic manner without a long winded paragraph.. most companies don't get accused by senior government officials of using predatory tactics to lure children into online gambling.

KwietStorm214d ago

Every company on the planet has a responsibility to make money. There is a reason why EA was voted the worst.

bigmalky213d ago

Their purpose is not just to make money... That's the purpose of a thief.

Thier purpose is to supply a fully working game for an affordable standard price, that doesn't push gambling mechanics to minors who are not allowed to gamble and should be shielded from an introduction to it until they are old enough to act responsibly on a personal level... Or not.

Every business' foundations rely on a product that people will support in return for their cash, but with practices like EA, how can the many still support them?

People always miss that... You can't make money for nothing, unless you're a crook.

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Relientk77214d ago

I wonder if people will boo EA at E3

glenn1979214d ago Show
-Foxtrot214d ago

You know even before this shit started to happen I'm really surprised people didn't do that, even at the EA Sports segment they spend ages on despite being annual games with a specific target audience (who aren't even watching E3)

Just show them we aren't interested but I guess everyone in the audience are shit scared and don't want to p*** them off.

TheVetOfGaming214d ago

I was thinking the same thing. I know I would, and I hope fellow gamers let EA know their frustrations with a chorus of boos.

Obscure_Observer214d ago


"If I was there with my crew of keyboard warrior WE WILL BOO THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS"


gangsta_red214d ago


I'm adding that to my arsenal of sarcasm.

ClanPsi1214d ago

I wish I was able to go just to be able to do it after every single comment and announcement.

Rachel_Alucard213d ago

No they fill the front row with reps, employees, and others who would never mock them. All it takes is a few people in the crowd shouting boo so others join in.

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Nyxus215d ago

Of course, why would you listen to gamers? We all know you don't care, thanks for being so honest at least.

UltraNova214d ago

They are valiantly and heroically pushing forward because they believe in this noble cause...

Inzo214d ago

"why would you listen to gamers?"

Its quite simple really, they dont listen to gamers because the gamers that keep complaining about EA and Activision's MT's practices and loot boxes etc... are the very same ones who keep supporting these companies.

Nyxus214d ago

I don't really believe that, I think it's a different group. I know I've never bought DLC, loot boxes or microtransactions.

Dee_91214d ago

every EA game i've bought since 2012 has been used.

bigmalky213d ago

I stopped a while ago. I'm in the belief that if you complain about something, you really can't be a hypocrite and support it.

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Relientk77214d ago

EA Games "It's in the loot boxes"

Jmanzare214d ago

They are listening to gamers. Money talks. They wouldnt put loot boxes in their games if no one was buying them.

Nyxus214d ago

There is a clear hate towards these practices from the side of gamers. Why else did EA remove them from Battlefront II, if gamers like them so much?

showtimefolks214d ago

most core gamers don't buy them but you know casuals buy them

badz149213d ago

FIFA players are the most casual you can find and they buy those UT lootboxes in droves! that's why EA loves them

Profchaos213d ago

It's not like we are the ones buying their shit

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Chaosdreams215d ago

At least it's incredibly easy to know that avoiding an EA product is the sensible thing to do (if you respect yourself and your hard earned money). People will undoubtably struggle when it's their fav IP, but loot boxes have a way of eating out the core enjoyment of said games so - don't fret too much - your franchise is probably already dead.

Aceman18214d ago

I love the NFS, but I didn't buy the last one and I haven't bought a single EA game since BF1. As of now I plan on nvr purchasing another game from them unless Anthem turns out to be a great game. If it's a lootfest infested game then I'll just wait for Borderlands 3 👍

DaDrunkenJester214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Honeslty I just wait until their games are available in the vault in EA Access then play them. Did that for the last couple Maddens, did that with Battlefield 1, going to do that with UFC 3, and will probably continue to do so

-Foxtrot215d ago

They are saying this because they are preparing us for the shitty practices in Anthem.

They know that changing their plans for that game will set them back far too much profit wise at this point so they think it'll be easier to bite the bullet, go ahead with it, do a massive PR marathon for it while trying to trick as many people as they can into thinking it's not as bad.

PapaBop214d ago

The double edged nature of having such a huge IP as Star Wars.. it exposes a companies shitty practices in full public view. If they tried to pull a Battlefront 2 with Battlefield, it'd get a lot of criticism but it'd be contained somewhat but as it's Star Wars, the mainstream media have far more interest in it.

Now they're all but forced to go on a PR offensive and I bet there is a dark cloud looming over Bioware right now as they know it's their necks on the line if EA's BS practices somehow ruins Anthem. Look at their latest UFC game, sales wise is a bit of a flop, I like to think that's partly in due to them shoehorning in UT in there.. a 1v1 fighting game with an ultimate TEAM mode? It makes no sense and you look at how they done it and they're really clutching at straws to add MTs to the game.

SirJoJo214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Hold up a sec, take a chill pill jheez! Yeh it's shite but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, EA has a lot o different dev teams and I'm willing to give the devs (mass effect devs) BioWare the benefit of the doubt, let's wait and see

Derceto214d ago

"... I'm willing to give the devs (mass effect devs) BioWare the benefit of the doubt..."

There's your first mistake.

History. Learn from it.

SirJoJo214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

History, BioWare make good games (not the B team) and none seemed to have any major EA influence on them, not even the latest Mass Effect created by the B team that just wasn't a great game when compared to the previous BioWare games

ClanPsi1214d ago

Name a good Bioware game to come out in the last five years. Go on, I'll wait.

Derceto214d ago

You need to stop thinking out loud. You're going to ruin the illusion the drones believe in so deeply.

On point, well put, and rather spot on really. PR works with the intellectually challenged, otherwise it wouldn't exist, and neither would a turdbag company like EA.

Profchaos213d ago

Tried to warn people about anthem months ago when the internal doco leaked showing it was way worse than bf was. People got angry and refused to listen

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DarkVoyager215d ago

If loot boxes become illegal how can they push forward?

On a side note: Screw EA! I’ll not purchase any of your games from here on out. Bunch of greedy pigs.

Kokyu214d ago

They basically said they dont care about sells in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Imalwaysright214d ago

Yeah. If it was the US or Germany they would sing a very different tune.

InTheZoneAC214d ago

True. Basically also said they will push these cancerous MTs in as many areas as allowed instead of just removing them completely. If they're bad for gaming and banned in certain countries, why push for them in countries where it's allowed? It just shows that these publishers need laws in place to keep them from acting out in corrupt manners because they won't do it on their own terms.