Newzoo: Top 25 game companies captured 77% of $121.7 billion market

The top 25 public companies by game revenues generated a combined $94.1 billion in 2017, an increase of 29 percent compared to 2016, according to data collected by market researcher Newzoo.

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Jayszen317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

Everyone is doing well but Sony is doing REALLY well. Their strategies with every aspect of the PS4 have paid off and have probably allowed the company to approach the ninth console generation and PS5 with even more confidence. I hope this translates into Sony doubling down of the same strategies they used for the PS4 and delivering even more console and PSVR games next gen.

ImGumbyDammit317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

I guess you didn't read their quarterly reports. Even this article mentions it. Their growth is in services more than anything else. The drive from Sony is to get users to buy PSPlus. Doing so is solid income with less risk and continuous revenue from year to year. PSPlus grew 30% from 2017 to 2018. Sony's gaming revenue per console has not increased and actually is declining on a per capita measurement. A decline per new console sales not unusual as later console buyers tend to not purchase as many games per year; lower attachment rates. This doesn't mean they aren't making a lot of money off of software and more than the previous years. But, it does mean that those millions of additional consoles sold each year do not represent same growth in software sales each year relative to older consoles. So to continue their growth they push services. But, they are doing very well on getting people to pay for PSPlus, PSVue, PSMusic, and other services to help funnel that growth.

The truly amazing thing about all this is Apple and Google who don't sell $60+ games but, most games they sell are well under $10 or require MT and all are mobile based. And Google actually doesn't have to rely on it's hardware to sell those games (but mainly OEMs). Yet they are both making billions without even having to make first party games like Sony is. Of course, Tencent is all about massive multi-player games which means a lot MT to become the largest gaming company in the world.

Kiwi66317d ago

So Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo had increased revenue from 3rd party sales in their respective online stores