It Looks Like PAYDAY 3 Might Not Launch By 2020, According To Starbreeze's Latest Financial Report

Starbreeze's latest financial report for Q1 2018 indirectly suggests that PAYDAY 3 might not be released by 2020.

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ccgr1359d ago

Better late than never

KaiPow1359d ago

At least we still have The Walking Dead this year!

xX1NORM1Xx1359d ago

take your time id prefer a proper developed game vs some early access mess payday 2 is so fun with mates

AnubisG1358d ago

Ps5 launch title perhaps?🤔

Alexious1358d ago

Yeah, might be late 2020 which is when I expect next gen to hit.

MajorLazer1358d ago

Fuck them, after the mess that was Payday 2

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