Sony now Allows PlayStation 4 Owners to Open up Their Console While Still Retaining Warranty

Sony has updated its warranty terms for PlayStation systems sold in the US and Canada, and its seems that PlayStation 4 owners are now allowed to open up their console while still retaining warranty.

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ElementX1728d ago

All the console manufacturers were told to remove the "breaking seal voids warranty" stickers on their consoles.

VER1ON1728d ago

Yes, but so far only Sony has publically updated its warranty terms.

Bobafret1728d ago

Point to you then! GG Sony! Enjoy your endorphin rush.

G3ng4r1728d ago

It's official sony has won the race to this. Once again ps4 is best. Opening mine right now to fill it with gravel.

doggo841728d ago

Nice one bobafret, you've surely dominated VER1ON and Sony in this round! Woooooooooooop /s

1728d ago
Goldby1728d ago


Sot isn't on ps4

Gaming_1st1728d ago


So why would you make your PS4 a Xbox1?

G3ng4r1728d ago

The intention was to make my ps4 silent but the improvement was marginal so it's a ps4 pro now.

Teflon021728d ago

Well until I hear that Sony taking a cut from the breast cancer donation skin for overwatch was either false, a miscommunication, or just Sony not being aware of the issue then I'll give respect for this lol. I've given Sony alot of credit, but after hearing that. I'll just have to hold future praise until I hear it's addressed

ThanatosDMC1728d ago

Lol... you make it seem like xbox is some sort of venereal disease for the ps4.

Gaming_1st1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )


Marginal as the Xbox exclusives?

Facts does not care about your opinion.

fr0sty1728d ago

It doesn't matter, the federal government publicly updated the warranty terms of all electronic devices, the companies themselves do not have to say anything, you can go ahead and open you box, and if they say something, tell them they're about to wind up in legal trouble if they try to deny you.

G3ng4r1728d ago

@Gaming_1st Now now, no need to get your feelings hurt and assume I'm an xbox fanboy like so many of you other scrubs.

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Visualift1728d ago

This sorta thing has been illegal since 1975.

Visualift1728d ago

Sure did, some time ago. Law was passed to make these kinda of labels/stickers illegal in 1975.

knickstr1728d ago

It's not like they had a choice...

ShadowWolf7121728d ago

True, but it's also interesting they appear to be the first to comply.

TheUndertaker851728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

They’d also have been one of the first on that list to have such a policy. The only one potentially longer is Nintendo. 🤨

Kiwi661728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Well its either do it or face legal action but it's funny how some act like it's a competition for a company adhere to something they've been told to do

ShadowWolf7121727d ago

It's not. I just wonder why Xbox and Nintendo haven't responded as quickly is all.

Visualift1728d ago

It's been illegal since 1975...

InMyOpinion1728d ago

Nice to be able to fit a bigger HDD without losing the warranty. Will upgrade to a Pro eventually so this is good news.

4U2NV1728d ago

You could anyway (since ps3) without it voiding your warranty. This means opening up the main console also no longer voids warranty.

Brazz1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

You can put a new HD on ps4 easy, X1 is the one console that have problems of warranty in this process.

DJStotty1728d ago

not really with xbox one you just plug in any external drive as long as its over a certain size

Xb1ps41728d ago

You can just plug in a new hdd.. no need to open it, don't see the problem..

ziggurcat1728d ago


he's talking about replacing the internal HDD...

Brazz1728d ago

Considering the context of "open your console/warranty", it's clear i'm talking about internal HD.

DJStotty1727d ago


Think you and him missed my point. You dont need to replace the internal, just band in an external

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Majin-vegeta1728d ago

What??You could always do it and it wouldn't void your warranty buddy😂

VER1ON1728d ago

Yes, the HDD slot is in a different area and doesn't require you to void any seals.

OffRoadKing1728d ago

Swapping the hard drive never voided the warranty.

Neonridr1728d ago

what? the top case comes off on the side to easily upgrade the HD.

2pacalypsenow1728d ago

You've been able to do that since the PS3.

ziggurcat1728d ago

"Nice to be able to fit a bigger HDD without losing the warranty."

uh... that was always possible, and it was never anything that voided any warranties because they've always considered it a user-replaceable component. in fact, they had instructions on how to swap out your HDD in the manual...

Gaming_1st1728d ago


Sorry but facts does not care about your opinion.

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slate911728d ago

The Federal Trade Commission now allows Playstation 4 Owners to Open up Their Console While Still Retaining Warranty* lol

nowitzki20041728d ago

So how come they havent made the others do the same yet?

Prince_TFK1728d ago

The other will do the same. It just a matter of when. You think, given a choice, would Sony gladly let people open up and messing up their console without voiding the warrenty?

nowitzki20041728d ago

Yes they will.. But hes making it sound like they made Sony do this right now... Wouldnt they do the same to the others if that was the case?

Liqu1d1728d ago

The FTC did make Sony do this. They've told MS and Nintendo too, Sony were just the first to comply.

dumahim1728d ago

The FTC sent notice to all 3 as well as some other companies with terms in the warranty that don't comply with the FTC. I know HTC and Hyundai were two of them.

yellowgerbil1728d ago

They did make Sony do it, and Microsoft and Nintendo face CRIMINAL charges if they haven't done the same within 30 days.
Asus was on the list too

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dumahim1728d ago

FTC has always allowed it. It's just now they finally took issue with it and notified some companies about misleading wording in their warranty terms.

Visualift1728d ago

You've been allowed to do this since 1975. This isn't news, just the FTC reminding/telling Sony, Google, Microsoft, etc. to stop using the stickers/labels.

letsa_go1728d ago

I think we got it with your first 3 comments!