God of War Director Discusses Alleged Death of Single-Player Games

Barlog believes there will always be a place for both single-player and multiplayer games.

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PhoenixUp160d ago

There is no alleged death

Nyxus160d ago

That should be clear by now (also to MS and EA).

KwietStorm160d ago

Obviously there is alleged death or we wouldn't be hearing about this same topic for months. There is no actual death of single player games.

mogwaii160d ago

Damn I just Got through typing that, lol

mogwaii160d ago

Um yes there is was an alleged death, no ACTUAL death.

vladstad158d ago

samuel l jackson is allegedly in everything but clearly that isnt true.

thatguyhayat160d ago

When they say its dead, bethesda, Sony and nintendo will shut them up

Ciporta1980160d ago

I guess it depends on which format you have chosen. There is one format where it is pretty much dead.

AnubisG160d ago

In what format single player games dead?

kevnb160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

i think he means xbox, but even that is false. People focus on the exclusives, or lack of exclusives on xbox... but they still have mostly all the same games as playstation and many of those (if not most) are single player.

Ciporta1980159d ago

It will be the Xbox that has been my most disappointing console I have ever bought.

jokerisalive160d ago

smart man. SP is and should ALWAYS be relevant for gaming. At least with Sony it is and will be cuz of the great games they put out that have SP campaigns.

kevnb160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

huh, where is this talk even coming from? The same fools who call 1440p 2K, call games rendered at higher resolution "up-scaled", try to define "remaster" as more than a marketing term for a port and hyped the xbox one x as a game changer instead of a niche product just because microsoft paid them.

Nyxus160d ago

Not just that, also large companies like Microsoft and EA.

rainslacker159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

It's not unheard of that some current trend or uptake of something in the market suddenly becomes the new norm, even though it's not a norm at all. All digital. Mobile taking over. Consoles dying. MP only in the future. SP games will die.

Lots of stupid people out there who don't think things through, and the internet has given them a voice, and the media is more concerned with getting hits than posing thought provoking critique or discourse.

Even these big companies aren't saying that SP will go away completely. They just say that they're going to focus more on MP games, because they believe that is where they will make the most money.

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