The Nintendo Switch's Cloud Save Paywall Has People Mad

Paying for cloud saves is one thing. Having to pay because there's no other option is something else.

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porkChop165d ago

I hope they allow save backups on the SD eventually. I'll personally just use the cloud saves, but I know that not everyone will want to pay for that service.

XisThatKid164d ago

It'll be ok, it's Nintendo.

Mr Marvel164d ago

@XisThatKid - That's EXACTLY why we're worried.
Nintendo have always been so behind the times in regard to online gaming features and they just seem to pull some of the dumbest decisions out of nowhere.

indyman7777164d ago

Wrong it will get them crucified its Nintendo. I mean come on they are the LAST console company to do it. They held out last. How is it NOW bad? I hate hypocrisy.

wonderfulmonkeyman164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

Ditto; having both would be the best thing.
But you know what's sad? Most of the people who are complaining about not having SD back-ups would probably still use the cloud more often anyways, even if both options were there.

This all feels like just another reason to make a mountain out of a Nintendo mole-hill.

Plus, if people were really THAT MAD about the PAYWALLS, you'd think they'd have gone after the idea of paywalling online multiplayer first.
But they didn't.
Because it wasn't Nintendo doing it.
Now that it's Nintendo entering the paywall brigade, suddenly it's ALLLLLLL the blame in the world for Nintendo.XD [For the record, I think it's a bad practice to put multiplayer behind a paywall regardless of console.]

getbacktogaming165d ago

Isn't it behind a paywall for Sony and Xbox too?? (Although it's easy to backup manually)

The_Jackel165d ago

this is correct yes. not too sure on why people would be mad for them doing the same as others. unless they take away saving it locally on the device and turn it into cloud saves only... then thats when its time to be pissed

The 10th Rider164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

The complaints stem from the fact that cloud saves are the only way to backup saves right now and it's locked behind a paywall. People that don't pay for the service will have no way to back things up.

getbacktogaming164d ago

True! I didn't think of that. It's kinda like backing up saves altogether (nevermind the cloud part) is locked behind a paywall... If I look at it that way I agree it's pretty messed up!! Damn

XisThatKid164d ago

You can back up game saves via USB on PS4 and X1.

Neonridr164d ago

but not on the cloud. Technically Nintendo just needs to allow us to backup data to the SD Card or an external HD in the future.

Lon3wolf164d ago (Edited 164d ago )


Sorry but they need to do it now, once everyone pays for online and cloud saving there is no reason for Ninty to allow backing up to USB /SD card moving forward.

TheUndertaker85164d ago

That paywall only applies to one account on Xbox One. Only one account on the system needs to be subscribed to Xbox Live for cloud saves to apply to any account on the same system.

PSN cloud saves only apply to Plus subscribers.

Mr Marvel164d ago

No, you can backup save data to USB on PS4 which costs nothing.

littletad164d ago

I own both consoles. One account on xbox can use cloud save. On the ps4, you need ps plus.

TheUndertaker85164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

@littletad: I think what you mean to say is to use cloud storage on PSN each account has to have a subscription to PlayStation Plus. Only PS+ accounts can use cloud storage.

On Xbox One however one account with a Xbox Live subscription will grant any account on the same Xbox One to use cloud storage.

But either way neither PlayStation Plus nor Xbox Live are required to backup save data to USB storage.

Nintendo is set to deliver cloud storage albeit with the subscription required either as an individual or a family plan up to 7 accounts.

mogwaii164d ago

It's not behind a paywall on Xbox but is on ps4

conanlifts164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

I thought this as well then just checked. Apparently you do need a subscription to use cloud saves. But you also have the option to copy saves wherever you want.Switch does not have the option to move or copy saved games.

"To use cloud storage for your saved games, you need:

An Xbox Live Gold subscription
A console connected to the Xbox Live service
514 megabytes (MB) of storage space on your console (local cache)"

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Xb1ps4165d ago

How a are games saved now?

gprime164d ago

Save data is only stored on the system's built-in storage. There is no way to transfer saves to SD card or back them up in any way.

Xb1ps4164d ago

Ohh... that sucks.. how much storage does it come with?

wonderfulmonkeyman164d ago

Game data is stored on SD cards or system.
Save data only on system, at least that's how I understand it.
However, the Switch can accept cards up to 256GB.

Segata164d ago

32GB which is more than enough for just game saves,I have over 20 games with of saves and it's like 100mb. They future proofed the SD card slot tho. Even tho they are not made yet it supports up to 2TB Sd card sizes.

CrimsonWing69164d ago

Oh wait it’s Nintendo... yknow the same people that sell you cardboard and won’t bring back the virtual console because, uh, well... Nintendo?

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PhantomS42164d ago

Sell a game that encourages creativity your young kids (because the world doesn't revolve around you alone *gasp*) and not bringing back the virtual console BRAND but still bringing back retro games starting with 20 at the start of this paid online service with the ability to play the coop/multiplayer online with friends...the scandal *rolls eyes*

Guess you are gonna start throwing a fit because Cloud Saves on PSN are behind a paywall too...

wonderfulmonkeyman164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

Oh please. People like you were whining about how overpriced and bad the VC is, and now that it's not there suddenly you're championing it?
Anything to condemn Nintendo.XD

CrimsonWing69164d ago

When the hell did I ever complain about the price of the VC? The only thing I ever criticized was having to repurchase games on the Wii U VC that I already owned on the Wii VC. Get you facts straight!

Shiken164d ago

All three consoles have cloud saves hidden behind the paywall. If you want to call out Nintendo for it, call Sony and MS out as well. Otherwise shut your crying face holes.

What people should be mad at Nintendo about however is the lack of being able to back your saves up via SD card. You can use flash drives to back up your PS4 saves, so there is no excuse in my eyes.

gprime164d ago

That is exactly what this article is about. People aren't mad because they have to pay for cloud. They are mad because the only way to back up saves is to pay for cloud.

Shiken164d ago

Well that I can agree with. There is no reason to not let us back up save data on micro SD cards.

DJK1NG_Gaming164d ago

Yet the title says otherwise

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