PlayStation Network Temporary Unscheduled Maintenance

As some of you may have noticed, we've temporarily taken down some functions of PlayStation Network - specifically access to the PlayStation Store, account management and registration. Online gameplay will remain uninterrupted. We thank you for your patience and will report back here as soon as the Store and registration functions are back online.

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ThatCanadianGuy5275d ago

Hmm..i wonder what that's all about..

Hagaf225275d ago

i dont know but its holding up my r2 beta download... lol, they better hurry, could it be home? could it be??? not likely, no one out there hold your breath please, dont want any one dying over home.

5275d ago
Overr8ed5275d ago

I feel you pain Hagaf.
I think its more for fast downloads via PS store. (or thsts is what i hope for)

unitalfredo5275d ago

probbaly some thing big is coming with this ps store update?????

Hagaf225275d ago

yeah its call SOCOM!!! :D

pwnsause5275d ago

SOCOM was out yesterday in the store.

orakga5275d ago

With the 100,000-ish download requests for that X-gigabyte beta... This is yet another reason why digital distribution is still a good few years away from becoming the norm. (unless you follow STEAM's idea of "pre-downloading" a game before a release date then "unlocking" the file after the official release date)

Either way, it sounds like I'll have to continue playing Dead Space tonight. Those space zombies are hella scary/cool.

DasBunker5275d ago

hope they surprise us with a huge psn store update..

Amnesiac5275d ago

My ps3 just got shipped back from repair land...I WANNA PLAY!!!!!!!1

El_Colombiano5275d ago

What the hell did you to to it?! Those things are like Tanks!

Pain5275d ago

me not GIVING A SH!T!!!

Blackmoses5275d ago

everybody hear about the Killzone 2 beta? there will be a killzone 2 theme to download that gets you on the list if downloaded. None the less this is rather strange...right when the store is to update.


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The story is too old to be commented.