Overwatch to Sell Pink Mercy Skin to Benefit Breast Cancer Research - Unikrn News

Blizzard has partnered up with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to offer a special, limited-time Pink Mercy skin. The proceeds from this skin will go directly to the organization, in addition to a special edition pink Mercy t-shirt and special streams, all benefitting the cause.

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-Foxtrot258d ago

I would have bought this for a good cause but £12.99...come on guys. I would have paid a £5 tops.

It’s for charity I know but damn not have that much to spend.

-Foxtrot257d ago

Dude I'm barely getting by man, we're not made of money you know

I get myself a nice collectors edition every so often to treat myself but it takes ages to save up for them I have to plan well in advanced.

Weeblordbad257d ago

They're also donating 100% of the purchase price. So I mean...c'mon now, are we really putting price ranges on charity?

-Foxtrot257d ago

And? So you’re saying that even though someone would pay something despite having little funds themselves that it’s not good enough and we NEED to pay the full prices

Jeez put the word charity on something and people jump in to defend it.

Paying something is better then paying nothing. Least it would get more people to buy the skin and donate

Swiftfox257d ago

Blizzard stated "all proceeds go to charity". This is an incredibly grey phrasing in this day and age as the law doesn't define what exactly this means. The modern practice, however, is "all (profits after expenses) go to charity". What are expenses in this case? Really anything Activision-Blizzard wants them to be. Naturally there's the labor of creating the skin, posting it, marketing it etc. Then Activision-Blizzard could just say "Hey, all executives get a bonus" and then mark it as an expense.

Not all of your $15 is going to charity. It will be between $.01 and $15. No real way to check because while the charity is forced to release their tax information like where they get their money and how they use it etc-- Activision-Blizzard does not. They could donate one million dollars to the charity and end up pocketing 14 million from the sales of the 15 million they made from this skin. All they have to do is slam 14 million dollars into the "expenses" column. Why else would the price be $15? It's so they can announce a big donation to the charity to prevent any backlash while quietly pocketing a huge profit. Is this what WILL happen? I don't know. Nobody does. But just look at Activision-Blizzard's recent track record and it should shed some light on what they probably will do.

Teflon02257d ago

I'm going to buy it. But as much as I see people dislike foxtrot comments. They're right on with this. I expected like $5 and saw the price was $18.99 in Canada like wtf. I'm still getting it because it's 100% for the cause and I actually really like the skin so they can have that money no issue. But it should have been $5 and if you wanted to make an extra contribution you can. I'd have honestly given a $20 flat which is why it doesn't bother me much. But that's a bit much. Also you can't say you're putting a price range on charity. They're putting a pretty high price minimum to contribute and be rewarded which is pretty bad if you look at it that way. Again I'm not bothered much by it since I'd have donated a $20 but still kinda steep

Weeblordbad257d ago

No, I'm saying if I don't have the money to give to a charity I don't complain about the cost. It's a charity skin, the value of the goods in question is kind of irrelevant.

If you don't have the money that's fine, and I hope you get wherever it is that you want to be financially. It's not easy out there and I commend you for being frugal and smart with your money. I'm just saying complaining about the cost is kind of absurd.

Best of luck,
Lord of Weebs