Rare Has ‘Gotten Worse And Worse’, Sea of Thieves Was The Best They Came Up With: Michael Pachter

Sea of Thieves, which has been under development for four years (at least), met with divided reception upon release.

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DeadSilence162d ago

They used to be amazing during N64 =/

MarineLineman162d ago

Amazing? They used to define entire genres and set the gold standard during both the SNES AND N64.

Nitrowolf2162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

20 years is a long time ago, unfortuanetely companies change. A large chunk have left RARE (in which gave us yooka laylee :/ ). I miss the days they had great titles

Its happens sadly and we are seeing it even today with companies like Square Enix, Konami, Bungie, Bioware, ect ect.

G3ng4r162d ago

They fell off after banjo-tooie. Many now are the fallen gods of old. Rare was prolific but sega is probably the saddest story.

InTheLab162d ago

They were fine until they were purchased by Microsoft. People tend to forget that MS is great at killing franchises AND studios just like EA. Rare, lionhead, and running out bungie

What was Rare before they were forced into Kinect prison?

And now look. Because MS has nothing in the tank that's substantial, Sea of Thieves is forced into a high profile status instead of the mid tier like it should be. The same awaits Crackdown.... whenever that happens.

gamer7804162d ago

none of their games were ever very deep, sure they had some good platforming,. and some good fps, but they were always fairly shallow games in terms of story and character development. I think thats at least part of the reason they've been unable to make a successful transition since the n64.

DVAcme162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

@G3ng4r How is Sega doing badly?? The own Atlus, which has been foing gangbusters and their localization team handles localization for Sega titles, they own Arc System Works, which has THE HOTTEST fighting game right now, and they have franchises like Yakuza and Valkyria Chronicles being succesful both financially and critically. Hell, they even started re-releasing games on PC and giving them new life, like the first Valkyria Chronicles, Bayonetta, Binary Domain and Vanquish. The only blemish they have is Sonic, and that's cause Yuji Naka probably blows Sega's president damn good to keep his job. As far as I'm concerned, Sega is one of the better Japanese companies right now.

DarXyde162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

I'm of the opinion that Rare was always shaky on quality and it was Nintendo that made them great. The sudden shift in quality was pretty stark after leaving them. Granted, I suppose one can argue that Starfox Adventures was weak, but I think it's criticisms come from the understanding that it's supposed to be a Starfox title. Taken on its own, I actually had good fun with it.

sonarus162d ago

They put out a pretty decent perfect dark though.

ShadowWolf712162d ago

Since when does Sega own ArcSys? Especially since Sega don't publish their games. ArcSys is independent, I thought.

Sitdown162d ago

Stop spreading lies, they were on the decline, why you think Nintendo let them jump ship. By the time Microsoft acquired them, a lot of the founding pieces had left.

bouzebbal161d ago

The reception this game got is definitely not a source of motivation for the company.
if this is the best they could come up with, the next rare project doesn't sound that exciting.
i knew they became irrelevant the day they announced Killer Instinct wasn't made by them.. i knew something went wrong with the management of this company.

UltraNova161d ago

Whats going on with SoT at the moment? It seems talk/engagement with the game evaporated... what's planned for it?

XisThatKid161d ago

Yea a large chunk of them DID leave and formed the now defunct Free Radical gave me the game franchise that got me into shooters, TimeSplitters.

Kratos_Kart2007161d ago

Yes they were very good...Can't deny that...

InTheLab161d ago


I'm spreading lies? You have access to the internet I assume. I was actually around when it happened and can only assume you were probably too young to remember.

Nintendo forced a Star Fox out of them. They were deep into the production of a new IP (something they were known for), and Nintendo forced them to turn it into amother Star Fox game. Myamoto himself did that. So of course they would want to leave for a new publisher. No one knew at that point MS would poop on all of their studios 10 years later.

As for the alleged decline, I'd say a few months after Perfect Dark, and Conker does not equate to a decline.

I'm also reading that most of the talent left. Sure a few leads left but rare was a large developer. It happens. Naughty Dog has had talent leave and they are still the best (or close to CDpR). It's a flat out lie that they were Rare in name only.

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frostypants162d ago

Not to make us all feel old, but that was 20 years ago.

UltraNova161d ago

I first played B&K back in 1999 i think...damn getting old...

Prettygoodgamer161d ago

20 years isn't that long ago, I was playing games at least 10 years before that

Relientk77162d ago

Yeah they really went downhill and hard

trooper_162d ago

I know.

It's a shame what they've been reduced to.

AspiringProGenji162d ago

Pachter usually talks a lot of shit, but this does not take a genius to say or figure out. Rare has been dead for years

JackBNimble162d ago

He's just jumping on the hate train for clicks

ConsoleGamer162d ago (Edited 162d ago )


Well to be fair he would be a dirty liar when he would state otherwise.

G3ng4r162d ago

Oh yeah dreams, the game we've been waiting nearly all gen for.

SierraGuy162d ago

Some of their old team just released Raging Justice today on all platforms.

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Atticus_finch162d ago

I call it the Microsoft effect. I can bet they would be delivering some good games if they were independent or working with Sony or ninty.

thatguyhayat162d ago

Im sure they could, developers have said that under Sony and Nintendo they had freedom. Lion head studios and various others have said after thet left they barely had freedom

G3ng4r162d ago

I think it's more a matter of them losing their way. Donkey kong 64 was mediocre compared to banjo-kazooie then perfect dark on gamecube disappointed. Microsoft bought a sinking developer, would have been the same situation if they'd bought konami after mgs5.
Wasn't even surprised after perfect dark zero when microsoft said okay you guys make kinnect games over there out of the way.

162d ago
zeuanimals162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

A few key figures at Lionhead left the studio and started Media Molecule back around 2006... Yeah, that Media Molecule. I just read a Rolling Stones interview with the head of the studio and she said they have a ton of freedom. While Sony held their hand at the beginning, they were allowed to basically create the game and tools they wanted from the start. Now they're making Dreams, the ultimate culmination of all of their work.

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SuperSonic91162d ago

And people still wonder why Bungie and Epic left MS

Psychosious162d ago

Dude, rare snes days are also beast.

narsaku161d ago

Back in the day :/

...Before someone got a hold of them and ruined them.

Abused them...

T-touched them...


coldfus161d ago

I think they still have potential but they are just trying so hard to convert into a modern gaming company which they totally should not. If They stick to their original formula and modernize that then we can some success

SR388161d ago

Yeah, Ninty should have bought them

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Neonridr162d ago

no surprise.. the N64 was their glory days. Once MS acquired them a good chunk of the core talent had left, and now Rare is only a shadow of its former self.

WilliamSheridan162d ago

So what you are saying is, the upcoming Ubisoft game Skull and Bones must be a total waste of a game to you! Multiplayer battles with no open world exploration. Even less content than SoT.

Neonridr162d ago

No, I never said that. My comment was specifically targeted at Rare and how the current team is but a tiny sliver of the Rare of old.

I never commented at all on Skull and Bones. That game could be better or worse, who knows.

UCForce162d ago

Well, Sea Of Thieves didn’t have story and doing thing over and over again.

BiggerBoss162d ago

Who mentioned Skull and Bones? It might turn out terrible too, but that still doesn't make Sea of Thieves any better...

WilliamSheridan162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

I mentioned it... I was just wondering if the multiplatform game with less to do was less interesting than the open world create your own adventure game...

It's amazing how people judge exclusives differently.

Again, for the record, I mentioned it...

showtimefolks162d ago


Where did he bring up ubi?

Dragonscale162d ago

@sheridan, how do you know that about Skull & Bones? Tbh it'll be hard pressed to have less content than shell of thieves.

porkChop162d ago


We know you mentioned it. But it had nothing at all to do with Neonridr's comment.

Stogz162d ago

Dude they've barely talked about Skull and Bones. How do you know it has less to do?? And honestly they'd have to try to have less to do than SoT...

xX-oldboy-Xx162d ago

WilliamSheridan - MIND BLOWN! That has to be the worst reading comprehension I've ever seen. Seriously some weird stuff your brain pulled out of nowhere.

BlaqMagiq1162d ago

No one said anything about Skull and Bones or Ubisoft. Get out of your feelings. Rare is dead. Deal with it.

WilliamSheridan162d ago


Once again, I brought it up. I'm comparing similar games and curious if the other game will get the same level of hate...

Rachel_Alucard162d ago

This is the worst strawman arguement I've seen all month.

zeuanimals162d ago

Here's the difference between Skull and Bones and Sea of Thieves: S&B was barely talked about when it was announced and demoed, doubt many are even hyped for it. SoT was praised for its sandbox world and how you can just do whatever you want with your friends. If I remember correctly, it was supposed to be the next big thing.

If SoT wasn't hyped so much, the fallout wouldn't have been terrible, but it being terrible just shined a light on MS's poor first party offerings and management. Skull and Bones could be terrible but it was never made out to be the next big thing, and it's hardly a mark on Ubi since Ubi's still publishing a ton of other games.

CobraKai161d ago

It’s odd because Will tried to segue a comment about Rare into a comparison with Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones. It was a failed attempt.

Rare at this point is only a name. The talent of the SNES, Arcade, and N64 has since been dispersed. Such a shame

WilliamSheridan161d ago

Ironically despite all of you Sony Ponies complaining about it, or sold well and people who play it tend to lean towards loving it. Go figure


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maybelovehate162d ago

I would close that studio at this point. They just aren't a AAA developer. The idea of Sea of Thieves in my opinion is fine but the execution is just terrible. The swimming and combat mechanics are the worst I can remember in a game. And the server code at launch was completely broken. And the optimization work for the Xbox One X was so bad. The PC build was much better as far as optimization but the basic gameplay was still trash. This isn't a major game studio you waste resources to maintain if they cannot do basic gameplay mechanics.

mark_parch162d ago

the swimming is really bad. when your in a ship wreck sometimes you can't turn a certain way, it's really annoying.

Codedan162d ago

You mean you hate that it simulates actually being in the water correctly?

frostypants162d ago

@Codedan, let's not pretend anything in that game is an effort to "simulate".

mark_parch162d ago

Pretty sure when I'm under the water in real life I can swim in any direction I want

JackBNimble162d ago

You would close yet another MS studio?
Rare may need to get their shit together, but MS is in no position to be closing anymore studios. In fact MS need to open more studios and get some 1st party games developed before they completely sink.

maybelovehate162d ago

Yes, close it and use those resources to build a good studio.

zeuanimals162d ago


That's really stupid. What we have is a studio without clear leadership. It took them 4 years to make the game and a lot of that time was spent figuring out what they should make. What MS needs to do is hire more and better devs to run the ship back on course, don't just burn it all down.

DJStotty161d ago

Dont people want microsoft to create more games?

Why close the studio? yes sea of thieves might not have lived up to the expectations, but it is a new IP which is what we want for xbox. We want more games, not less

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-Foxtrot162d ago

Well least someone high up and in his position said it

I'm always flabbergasted how after 4 years worth of development amounted to what we got in Sea of's just mind boggling how another overhyped, disappointment like No Mans Sky can have a team of 15 people and the end result is roughly the same despite Rare having 200 people working on Sea of Thieves. The only big difference between them is the themes and the fact Sea of Thieves has online co-op, that's it.

So the question is and will always be what the fudge were they doing for 4 years? Hello Games worked on their game for roughly the same time and their offices flooded.

By no means is this a stupid "Sea of Thieves vs No Mans Sky" argument or comparing the two, regardless of who made the game, what developer was behind it or what console it was on because the two games are pretty bad with what we got, it's just the entire situation is just unbelievable. Was it intentional or was there serious development issues we're not aware of? Maybe some people are Rare who leave in the future will spill the beans but honestly I said it back during the second or third look at the game and could smell what was coming a mile away...they should have just suck to an old IP, get them back in the swing of things by doing something they've already got established and do a sequel for it. Kameo, Conker, Banjo Threeie, Perfect Dark, hell Grabbed by the Ghoulies would have been a good one since it was the lowest rated one at the time, anything they did for the sequel would have been an automatic improvement to the masses, even though I enjoyed the first game for what it was. Grabbing whatever items around the house for your weapons...could have really improved on that.

Mr_Wilson162d ago

You should take a couple of minutes to research "copy and paste". It would be a lot more efficient than re-wording the same comment over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

-Foxtrot162d ago


Off topic much

ClanPsi1162d ago

But in the end it would still be redundant, which doesn't solve the problem.

madforaday162d ago

You must remember No Man Sky came out with 3 HUGE free content updates and another one on it's way that is suppose to be even bigger than the last one which was huge as well. Sean Murray lied, that was the main reason for the hate which is fine. The game is actually really fun now and it is going to get better in the future. I can see Sea of Thieves doing the same.

My first doubt with SOT was the combat, the combat looked wonkey and not deep at all. Combat is the reason why we play games. Imagine if Horizon Zero Dawn had an awful combat system... no one would bat an eye at the game even though it had a good story.

zeuanimals162d ago

You mean fun is the reason we play games. Not all fun games have combat but all fun games have a good gameplay loop. SoT's problem is it lacks a good gameplay loop since everything is so shallow.

TheCommentator162d ago

@ Foxtrot

"So the question is and will always be what the fudge were they doing for 4 years?"

That is a very good question! I can think of two possible answers:

- It seems, judging by the rumors anyways, that Perfect Dark will be unveiled and ready to launch within 12 months. If true, it would mean that Rare split into two teams and worked on both titles at once.
- Alternatively, none of us have any idea yet how large the first three DLC releases will be, and it's plausible that these DLC packages were intended to be part of the game at launch.

Thad said, your question may be answered in a few weeks when E3 starts or when the last of the three SoT DLCs arrive.

ClanPsi1162d ago

Thad sounds like a pretty smart guy.