How Does Nintendo’s New Subscription Service Compare to PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold?

Nintendo Switch Online offers free NES games and a cheaper subscription fee than PS Plus and Xbox Live, but it's not all good news for Switch owners.

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crazyCoconuts165d ago

Those that don't care about retro Nintendo games are not gonna feel happy about this. Sure it's cheaper than PSN/XBL, but you also get more with the other services and most importantly they didn't change policies mid-generation. There's not that much online for Switch yet, and I think lots of people will refuse to pay this. They should at least keep core MP free to keep growing the platform.

Jaypi03165d ago

Price wise it's a good deal. But really how could they justify charging people more for what they're offering?

Content wise it feels like they're playing it safe as always, giving us 20 classic games we got 7 years ago when the 3DS under the "Ambassador program" I mean not even SNES games...come on Nintendo... If they really want to impress me let me play some Gamecube games online.

Voice chat still seems to be though the app so that's ridiculous as always.

Master of Unlocking165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

You're right , Nintendo should be offering 2 NES games every month, in addition to 2 SNES games, 2 N64 games, and 1 or 2 GC games every month to go with that perk to play online. They require you to use a smartphone to play online for crying out loud!
If they did that they could even jack up the monthly fee to what's on PSN or Xbox Live. I don't understand why they can't at least have SNES games. And 20 NES games at the beginning is a joke.
It's really a pity that "underwelming" is now systematically associated with whatever Nintendo does. Okay, minus their first-party exclusives, but still.

generic-user-name165d ago

If I was getting PS1 games with PS+ I know I wouldn't be too impressed.

Foraoise165d ago

LOL! I would be INCREDIBLY impressed. PS1 was SO much better than the others. LOVE those games.

Segata165d ago

At the price it's decent. PSN is still far better but also costs a lot more.

ccgr165d ago

Nice for multi-switch homes but still not as good as PS+ and Gold

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