Monster Hunter World Shipped 7.9 Million Units; Brings Highest Profitability in Capcom's History

Capcom disclosed its financial results for the fiscal year 2017, and Monster Hunter World pushed the company to the next level.

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Thatguy-3101101d ago

And some people thought the game would flop lol

PCgamer981100d ago

Nintendo fanboys mostly.

Neonridr1100d ago

not true at all. I mean it's not like the Switch won't get its own Monster Hunter game. Nintendo made Capcom millions and millions of dollars, they aren't just going to ignore the huge 3DS and Switch audience, especially in Japan.

Movefasta19931100d ago

Monster Hunter unite still sold more than the past few Nintendo mh games and unite was on psp

naruga1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

the "abduction" of the franchise from Nintendo, back in the Wii days, left the franchise stale, underdeveloped and far behind from what could have been ........Monster Hunter belonged to PS family from its birth ....fortunately Capcom woke up and made an unexpectedly stellar game ,returning the franchise to its roots (aka old reallistical Monsters/Feeling and not the ridicoulous childish ones from NIntendo 3DS because of the different audience) .....I hope for a MonHun 5 exclusive to PS4 -5

Neonridr1100d ago

@naruga - of course you do, and then you become exactly what you were against. People who only wanted it on Nintendo. You sound just like them.

Monster Hunter can thrive on multiple platforms. I fail to see why that is so hard.

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notachance1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

and there're still millions of us who are waiting for the PC version so...
there are at least 10 people alone in my group of friends who will buy it day 1 PC

ONESHOTV21100d ago

yep the superior version with no frame cap maxed settings mods and the freedom to choose what res we want to game on with out any draw backs

Silly gameAr1100d ago


You're a PC fanboy now?

ONESHOTV21100d ago

Silly gameAr----- every one here knows I'm a PC gamer I play on the pro now and then but it could never replace my PC I do buy Xbox games on PC as well.

Vandamme211100d ago

Capcom has been doing great this generation.

ErogeMaster1100d ago

Ur wrong about that since sfv and mvci failed.

Obelisk921101d ago

Well deserved, it's one of my favourite games of this generation and it's the first Monster Hunter I've ever played.
It's an incredible game, really, and I'm happy that more people finally managed to discover this series.

Thatguy-3101101d ago

This game brought a lot of new fans to the series. Now im excited to see how Capcom handles the next few console installments.

Mr Marvel1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

I tried MHFU on PSP years ago but couldn't get into it.
MHW has made me a fan and going forward I'll likely buy every game in the series.

-Foxtrot1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

Great news.

I still hope they do Monster Hunter 5 on the PS4 and its single player based. I didn't mind Monster Hunter Online, it was basically that kind of online set up within a game I've spent the longest on (something Destiny could take a look at on how to do things content wise) but I did get annoyed at other online stuff like it still feeling like a grind fest in some places, although not as bad as other games. Then there was smaller little nit picks with the online elements like not being able to pause...I'm just so used to it especially within a tense fight

I'm just worried Capcom will see this and go "Gee Whiz...lets make all our games online and EXACTLY like this"

Xb1ps41100d ago

I haven’t touched anything online with this game I always play solo.. this is my first monster hunter game and I love it so I hope they don’t fuck it up by making it more online focused and the fights are very long so being able to pause the game would be great..

The grind fest is border line annoying.... there have been times were all I need is one more item to complete my armor and it just doesn’t drop so fights need to be a little shorter or just drop what the hell I need! Lol

-Foxtrot1100d ago

"and the fights are very long so being able to pause the game would be great"

Yeah some can be very long and usually I have to go and do something or take a call so not having a pause button kind of a buzz kill for me. I know it's such a small thing but being able to just pause it to take a breather would be great.

Gameseeker_Frampt1100d ago

This is Monster Hunter 5. Capcom specifically said so when all the naysayers were trying to claim that this wasn't a real Monster Hunter game and the next mainline MH game was coming to their preferred console.

PhoenixUp1101d ago

B-B-But this could only succeed on a handheld. Moving it to consoles would s-s-spell utter disaster

ZeroX98761100d ago

THIS! So happy they went with home consoles/PC this time around and not a freaking handheld. glad it paid off

Neonridr1100d ago

let's not pretend that the games weren't successful on the 3DS or anything. Do you honestly expect to never see a MH game on either the 3DS or Switch?

AspiringProGenji1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

Keep spinning it. They deserve the crow it’s being served. The series did fine on PS as well especially Freedom Unite

Neonridr1100d ago

@Aspiring - exactly. No reason why MH can't exist on multiple platforms. Are you going to tell me now that MH only deserves to be on Sony platforms and not Nintendo? Are you not becoming exactly what you were against when it was exclusive to the 3DS?

Liqu1d1100d ago

He never said nor implied anything you just said. He was simply mocking people who acted like not being on handheld would spell disaster for the game. Work on your reading comprehension.

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