Pinball Arcade Losing Over 50 Bally and Williams Tables On June 30th

FarSight Studios have announced that over 50 of their current tables will be pulled from the Pinball Arcade on June 30th due to a licensing deal ending.

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theXtReMe1165d ago

Ok. So they might as well just take the game out of the retail and digital stores, because they are esentially killing it’s appeal by not renewing the licenses. Wow. Well, hopefully Williams and Midway do their own digital games. Id even pay $5000 plus for a full sized digital pinball machine that includes all of the classic tables. Just as long as it’s 4K. Which I think is FarSights biggest issue..
Not keeping up to date with new tables and the newer consoles and taking advantage of 4K, to help sharpen up the visuals. Which, really, would’ve just taken a resolution boost and 16xAF, maybe add some ambient occlusion to make the table some feel more three dimensional.

optimus165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

You should only worry about this if you've never played pinball fx. 😋