Old Quote Reveals Gunpei Yokoi Didn't Leave Nintendo Because of the Virtual Boy's Failure

"I wanted to become independent."

Gunpei Yokoi is famously known as the man behind the creation of Nintendo's massively successful Game Boy. He also ended up working on the Virtual Boy, which is considered Nintendo's biggest flop to date. Shortly after the release of the "VR" headset, Yokoi had left Nintendo to pursuit other interests. The prevailing theory was that Yokoi was asked to retire due to how colossally awful the Virtual Boy performed, but that turns out to have been just an assumption.

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FallenAngel1984166d ago

Shame he died a year after this interview

Although I wouldn’t call 55 years a life cut short. A short life is anywhere from 0-25 years and he made it pass twice that

strayanalog165d ago

Makes me wonder what could have been if he didn't meet such a tragic end. It's truly amazing how many people he influenced in some way or another, from Shigeru Miyamoto to Satoru Iwata and how far his creative reach extends.