5 Things That We Want Playstation 5 To Have

Well, PlayStation 4 is missing a lot of things, but we don’t want PlayStation 5 to miss those things such as Backwards Compatibility.

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Neonridr163d ago

seeing as the PS5 will probably remain using an x86 architecture, I think asking for backwards compatibility with the PS4 shouldn't be a hard thing to accomplish this time around.

AnkitDanger163d ago

its something hardware inside the ps4 that cant handle backwards compatibility if it was something like the software we could already have seen backwards compatibility

Neonridr163d ago

yeah well the PS3 architecture (Cell) is so vastly different than the PS4 (x86). Literally the only way we were getting PS3 compatibility in the PS4 would have been for them to include a Cell chip inside the system as well to handle it. Costs would have been way too high as a result.

It's definitely not a need to have, so if the PS5 didn't have BC it wouldn't be the end of the world, but I think if they are sticking with the same architecture, then there really shouldn't be a reason not to include it.

Aenea160d ago

It has nothing whatsoever to do with the hardware inside the PS4, it has everything to do with the eccentric hardware in the PS3...

ziggurcat163d ago

because they'll likely stick with the x86 architecture, my guess is it'll most definitely be backwards compatible.

iplay1up2163d ago

I like the X1X 4K Blu Ray player. Also just downloaded SSX3 from the original Xbox and it looks and plays super. Such a fun game SSX 3 is a classic! Playstation 5 hopefully will have BC!

narsaku162d ago

1: Working UI where I can choose to hide stupid services like PSNOW/What's New/TV from my dash.

2: Playstation Home 2 "I know it won't happen.... But... I loved it so much...... Met so many amazing people there."

3: Better batteries in their controller. No more of this 5 hour garbage when competitors have 30 hour controllers.

4: TRUE backwards compatibility, not this Xbox shit where they select a few titles a month and add them. I wan't my entire PS4-> library on my PS account. No excuses anymore, pc has been doing it for 30+ years at a whim.

SkippyPaccino161d ago

3. Better battery.... I agree, but I fully expect the new Dualshock controller to replace that fat button with a screen... So we might get a bigger battery with the same run time as now...

MrSugarholic161d ago

Why would they put a screen on the controller?

SkippyPaccino161d ago


Navigate the menu while in game, add to the gaming experience... Not sure, but I can totally see them doing it, especially now that screens are dirt cheap

UltraNova161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Yes to the battery but no on the screen...why? I mean why add a battery draining gimmick feature on the controller.

As for BC, even though it would be a welcomed feature, I couldn't care less to be honest as I will be keeping my Ps4 Pro anw.

A 4K blu ray drive will be a must since I'm planning to get one of those sexy LG E8 65 inch sweet OLED tvs by late 2019.

That said I dont think the specs will be that much of a jump from the Pro for me to bite. Maybe the ps5 Pro will do it for me...we shall see.

Aenea160d ago

And if the hardware is fast enough they might actually be able to pull off PS3 BC as well. Still have quite a few PS3 games I want to play but don't have it connected anymore at the moment...

Also my controllers always have worked way longer than 5 hours on 1 charge...

KillBill160d ago

FYI... plenty of PC games that do not work due to upgrading of your system. You have to bend over backwards trying to get some software to work and then trying to get it to work properly is another thing all together.

I_am_Batman162d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but the support for external HDDs has been there for quite some time now. I haven't tested it myself yet but I'm pretty sure it works fine.

I also heavily disagree about the controller paragraph. The PS4 controller is one of the best stock controllers of any console. It still has room for improvement but to say that Nintendo always had better controllers than Sony is just insane to me.

My most wanted features for PS5:

1. Backwards compatibility: Really hoping for this one. I always play a lot of my old games and my PS3 just broke for the 3rd time. Would be great if they can manage to have full Playstation compatibility with the PS5.

2. Freesync. Synchronisation of Framerate and TV refresh rate (Hopefully more TV manufacturers will implement this feature as well). Results in a stutterfree gaming expirience. Devs won't need to lock games at 30fps.

ONESHOTV2161d ago

"The PS4 controller is one of the best stock controllers of any console. It still has room for improvement but to say that Nintendo always had better controllers than Sony is just insane to me. " your words it's one of the best and I can somewhat agree with that but I really like the DS3 more than the DS4 and the xone controller feels better than the DS4 to me as well the DS4 feels cheap like it's made of some cheap plastic not bashing on sony but they could have done better BTW i own all three i can show proof if you need.

Rippcity161d ago

I wouldn't go as far as to say the Ds4 feels cheap. It's a great controller. But I absolutely love the Xbox One controller. Hands down one of the best controllers out there. Nintendo has had shit controllers since the Wii. It's a shame too because I'd love for them to do like a GameCube controller 2.0 kinda thing. Lost potential there imo.

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