Will Capcom Reveal Resident Evil 2 Remake This E3? Is The Project Dead?

What the hell happened to the remake of Resident Evil 2? Will Capcom finally make an announcement on E3 2018?

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GamesMaster1982257d ago

Bloody hope so. This along with Shenmue 3 are my 2 most wanted hoped for games ever. Hurry up Capcom.

masterfox257d ago

How about creating a new IP that has the possibility to be successful as the RE franchise ?, come on Capcom don't be lazy ;)

CrimsonWing69256d ago

Haven’t you noticed as development costs rise publishers/devs take less risks on new IPs? It’s why I miss the PS1 and PS2 era.

HeisenbergX256d ago

I’m dying for RE2 Remake .. come on already Capcom !! pleasee

Derceto256d ago

The ONLY reason I have even a sliver of hope with this remake, is simply because Capcom has made one of the best remakes ever, in the original RE Remake on GC. However, that was made by the original's creator in Mikami, and last I checked, Kamiya isn't working at Capcom for quite a while now, so.................

Ya, I'm not exactly holding my breath on this thing being worth a crap, even if it does come out. Though, I genuinely hope I have to eat those words someday, because I would absolutely love a great RE 2 Remake.