Nintendo Comments On Switch Sales And If They'll Ever Match Wii's Performance

The Wii was one of the most successful consoles in history; can the Switch match it?

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DivineAssault 163d ago

The switch doesnt have to reach the freak luck sales like the wii did.. Its a great handheld console.. I dont think youll see senior citizen homes with switch units but that doesnt mean it wont be successful in its own right.. If they can continue releasing great exclusives, indies, and arcade ports, theyll be just fine and continue to sell..

Zeldafan64163d ago

If it sticks around for 6 or 7 years I can definitely see it reaching 100+ million.

ABizzel1163d ago

Agreed. If it stays around for 6 - 7 years it has a chance, if it stays on the traditional 5 year handheld replacement cycle then it should at least make it to the upper 80m.

mikeslemonade162d ago

The 3DS isn’t even gonna reach 100 mil what makes you think the switch after the best two games released, gonna reach 100 mil.

Nebaku162d ago

@mikeslemonade Who says BOTW and Odyssey will be the best games on the system? Even if you're narrow minded and think nothing can beat Mario and Zelda mainline titles, whose to say they both won't get another one on the console years from now?

mikeslemonade162d ago

They probably may get 1 or zero more 97 meta even inspite of Nintendo biases. For them to get 100 mil they need a hit that matches Mario every year and they’re obviously not gonna do that.

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Nebaku162d ago

The Wii wasn't "freak luck". It was the result of reaching the audience Nintendo built it for, the casual audience. Unfortunately for them, the process of doing so burnt bridges with the rest of their audience for the Wii U era.

wonderfulmonkeyman162d ago

Agreed, yet fortunately the Switch has rebuilt a lot of those bridges, at least with third parties, and with many core gamers as well.
It wouldn't be breaking so many records if that weren't the case.

wonderfulmonkeyman162d ago

I think the Switch can do it with or without the gimmick behind it; if Nintendo really does intend to keep the Switch around for 7 years, then unless something horrible happens and sales immediately stop, there's no way it won't at least come close to the mark.

Father__Merrin163d ago

the wii sales figutres are extremly misleading as most only bought it for wii sports. software support was killed early so it wasnt a good investment compared to ps360

mcstorm163d ago

That's not quite true super smash Bros mario galaxy and mario kart say different

MrSec84163d ago

Actually the level of sales those games reached actually supports his point.

Smash sold 13M on Wii, the other games you mentioned all sold a tiny fraction compared to Wii Sports, which was bundled and sold with all Wii systems.

No other games sold that much.

Sure the likes of Smash Wii sold great, but not to all of the masses who bought Wii for Wii Sports and Wii's motion tech.

Concertoine162d ago (Edited 162d ago )


Not a lot of games on bestseller consoles that hit 10-20% attach ratio. There were multiple Nintendo games that did, even on the Wii.

There was a small but solid hardcore base on the Wii that ate up good games. The third parties generally didnt provide enough of them.

MrSec84162d ago

@Concertoine this point supports the OP's point, third party games like Call of Duty barely even sold a few million units on Wii, it was a completely different story on PS3 and 360 and GTA sold way more than that franchise.

Wii was mainly bought by people for Wii Sports, with Nintendo's other games and Just Dance being the next most popular franchises on the system.

The data supports that Wii was bought for it's motion games and mostly what came with the console..

SammyJ163d ago

I would also say that maybe the 360's sales are a bit misleading since a lot of people bought it multiple times because of the RROD.

kevnb163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Same with the PS3, even though those lasted atleast until the warranty was over usually. Wii was by far the most reliable machine, and you can see it in the attach rate.

Madmoose162d ago

Well to be fair that also applies to the ps1 and ps2 as well. Those things had a lot of Hardware failures that helped bloat their numbers as well. From lasers dying/dre's to discs getting eaten, they had their own sets of issues as well. And though the failure rates improved significantly with the ps3, they had some issues as well. It's crazy how everyone seems to give them a pass and yet focus on the 360.

kevnb163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

The software attach rate was highest on wii last gen, nice try. 8.84 attach rate for the Wii seems to boggle peoples minds on here just because it wasn’t aimed at them. Even as far as support goes, the 360 and ps3 had a really slow start while the Wii trailed off a bit earlier to make room for the Wii u.

Nitrowolf2163d ago

That doesnt make it misleading though, the console was still bought, even if it was just for one game. And thats very false, wii had an extremely high attach rate

marloc_x163d ago

..and PS2 made for a cheap DVD player🙃

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Daisysnow 163d ago

The wii did something totally different, that "you gotta try this" flare to it. Switch is great, I love mine, but will it hit Wii success? Probably not

King_Lothric163d ago

Kudos to Nintendo for not hiding their sales and for not making excuses with horrible marketing spins and for not making up new ridiculous categories to hide the truth.

Nebaku162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

Well yes, kudos to them for doing it NOW. They certainly created enough excuses during the height of the Wii U era. Like Miyamoto claiming fans/developers didn't "understand" the two screen technology. Or them trying to bend the narrative as "People thought the Wii U was an add-on", despite the fact that the "Super" NES nor Gameboy "Advance" had any such problems.

wonderfulmonkeyman162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

You say they were excuses, but they weren't; one of the most prevalent issues with the Wii U, if not the MOST prevalent, was that a lot of people still thought it was an accessory to the Wii half-way through its life-cycle, and the marketing did little if anything to fix that.

The SNES and GBA had no such extras to confuse people with; the closest we got was the GBA link cable for stuff like Four Swords Adventures, and that was a niche thing, not a main point of the GBA or the Gamecube.[Though I gotta say that its use in Wind Waker was fun, if a little bland after a while.]

I'd say that's a pretty large amount of people who "Didn't understand" what the Wii U was about, and not improving the advertisments stood as a road block for the rest of the Wii U's life, as well as a harsh lesson for the design teams behind the Switch during development..
Of course, true or not, it didn't make the Wii U's situation any better by pointing it out, so at this point it doesn't matter whether it was misunderstood or not.

The Switch isn't; the marketing clearly shows how it's a hybrid and Nintendo's ridden that wave with the right games to help it reach success, alongside key third party titles showing it can handle big names.

The big question now is whether or not Nintendo can keep the hype wave going.
Signs so far point to yes, but this E3 is a check-point for Nintendo. It's a good thing they're coming up to the gate strong with Smash at the forefront.