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Reviewer Ian has taken a closer look at the new "Extinction".



"Well this is orcward… Extinction was announced with a bit of a fanfare, completely disappeared, then seemingly launched very quickly. Does this bode well for the game? From a narrative perspective, the answer has to be “not really”. The plot is paper thin, and involves a huge race of giants, the “Ravenii” teleporting into the world and destroying it because… they are big and angry? Ravenii is also a pretty stupid name, because let’s face it, these creatures are Orcs in all but name, which might also explain why they like to smash things up more. Whilst there are some 2D cartoon cut-scenes between chapters, the majority of the dialogue and plot is delivered in text overlays at the start of missions, which feel a bit cheap. Even budget games normally add in some 2D artwork and animation here, rather than static cartoon character portraits having a back-and-forth."

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