Amazon May Digital Blowout Sale For Xbox One

Amazon strikes again, with Xbox One digital game deals on various hit titles. They are serving up to 75% off on Xbox One digital games. 75% is a hefty chunk of change that you can keep in your wallet if you already planned to buy any of these games.

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PrinceVegeta1854d ago

Time to spend money I don't have

sewad1854d ago

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Jinger1854d ago

Wasn't it only a $30 or $40 title anyway?

spicelicka1854d ago

Yeaa for some reason I thought it was CAD. It's $40 in Canada.

Still a good deal though.

TGG_overlord1854d ago

I would spend cash if I could, but I'm buying a new Gaming rig by the end of this month :P

zaherdab1854d ago

most of them are the same price on the xbox store ... blowout my A** amazon typically just mathces the prices of sales on the xbox store or psn ...i'd wait till evening and u ll find any missing sale on the xbox store