Top 10 Games We Want Remade

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Over the past few weeks we have been talking a lot about video remakes. Which are great, which are bad and whether or not the industry as a whole is better off with or without them. Well today it all comes to a head as we count down the Top 10 games that we would love to see remade! Some of these are classic gems, that are still perfectly playable today while others are games that could definitely use some sprucing up to fix nagging issues that have kept them from reaching the next level but the one thing they all have in common is that we would love these classics to get a fresh coat of paint."

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PhoenixUp750d ago

We want the RE2 remake to finally be shown off

Cajun Chicken749d ago

Nobody mentions it much but MDK seriously needs a revisiting.

O-D-C749d ago

Oh ya, it really does - I enjoyed MDK2 a lot but it's very flawed.

Cajun Chicken749d ago

Call me a hypocrite, but I would love to see what MDK could do with optional duck and cover mechanics. With a risk/reward leaning your head over/around the cover whilst sniping, also minecrawlers were inspired, I'd love to see trundling interior city tanks in HD and it would need an equally epic soundtrack. MDK is one of my favourite games of all time. MDK2 was...okay.

749d ago
MWH749d ago

You sir know your games, MDK is a true classic 👌🏻

Derceto749d ago

Would I like remakes for most of those games on the list? Sure.

Do I trust any of the companies which own those IPs, to make anything even remotely worthy of the original? Not a f****n chance.

Except maybe Zelda II and Kid Icarus for obvious reasons.

DillyDilly749d ago

Sony fans don't want old games

showtimefolks749d ago

says who? did you not see the sales for crash HD? we want old games which are remade/remastered done right. DMC HD collection is a straight up port of ps3 version of HD collection anf doesn't even support 4k or HDR so we don't want but than when a game like SOTC is remade by bluepoint it sold well

we just don't want old games via BC where you have outdated controls instead we want games to be remastered using betters textures, frame rate and overall smoother game. don't get me wrong i want BC as much as the next guy but not at the expense of releasing newer games. that's what MS has done just keep re releasing older games instead of investing in new IP's

and MS fans(which is you from your original comment) keep bring up SOT and PUBG sales to make their argument of having exclusives which are selling while when the sales argument is used by us sony fans we are told it's not about sales. Make up your mind because you can't use the sales argument when it favors y'all and when it's not good for you simply says sales don't matter

just like last gen it was so important for MS to release sale numbers for xbox360 to brag and now they much rather give useless stats like hours played

DillyDilly748d ago

Old games are old games remasters or not

Sony fans are the biggest hypocrites on the Planet

749d ago
Tankbusta40749d ago

Red alert or red alert 2 remakes would be amazing but they aren't going to happen as EA completely ruined the franchise. Even if EA decided to remake it, it would have microtransactions and probably have mobile construction yards or something stupid like CNC4 did.

EA ruined this franchise and its a damn shame... We won't see it ever again unless they make a mobile game out of it full of microtransaction goodness.

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The story is too old to be commented.