Marvel should do for games what it did for movies

What if Marvel Games, currently a subsidiary of Marvel Entertainment, could do for video games what Marvel Studios did for film?

Here are 14 other Marvel Cinematic Universe characters besides Spider-Man that deserve their own modern video game treatments.

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PhoenixUp531d ago

God no. The MCU’s influence already ruined MvC:I. We don’t need the MCU wrecking other titles.

Not only that but unlike with movies, the games license is available to any publisher willing to pay for it so you’re going to see multiple incarnations of the same characters across different games, so it won’t be as coherent for the general audience to follow as in the movies.

In addition to that, you can do far more in a single game than you can across multiple movies. What takes one installment to make a title like Injustice, Marvel vs Capcom, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, & the upcoming Avengers title would take multiple movies to build up to. So realistically there’s no benefit to have an overarching storyline when games’ plots aren’t as limited by runtime as movies.

We’ve already had some guest characters cameo in titles. Spider-Man on PS1 for example featured Human Torch, Daredevil, & Wolverine. That’s the way it should be in this medium.

-Foxtrot530d ago

Isn't the fact they tried to tack the MCU stuff on games like MvC what ruined them

If they had their own universe like the films then they wouldn't need to force that stuff into other games.

530d ago
PhoenixUp530d ago

@ Fox

Why would the games need their own universe in the first place?

cell989530d ago

You missed the point of the article

PhoenixUp530d ago

Don’t need to get it to know a shared universe in the gaming industry is a bad idea

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quent531d ago

No thx, if marvel fanboys could take a breather for one second and see marvel movies for what they really are they would realize just how copy/paste every movie has been since Iron Man 2,same weak pridictable plot over and over again with villains that are so weak and un threatening in comparison to they're comic counterparts

modern Marvel movies are forgettable throwaways only suited for 12 year olds and under

Araragifeels 531d ago

I can say Avengers Infinity War part 1, Thanos is the strongest villain so far. Thanos basically destroyed the heroes. I do agree that majority of the marvel re used same formula but Avengers Infinity War was way different from what I expected. I couldn't predict what happened in the end since i expected a different outcome from the comics. Plus a scene really hit me so hard that I almost tear up.

-Foxtrot530d ago

If you think Iron Man is exactly the same as Captain America the Winter Solider or that film is exactly like Guardians of the Galaxy or that film is exactly like Doctor Strange then seriously I don't know what films you are looking at

The majority of them have been different enough to give us different experiences and that's why they are successful

blacktiger530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

You didn't get the point. If I were to tell you all transformer movies are same like copy and paste or call of duty is all same games doesn't mean they are identical, it just means they not unique like, Batman Begins and dark knight and so on. For example every batman movie, Batman character is completely different not in suit and storyline but also very carefully fight scene and action as well. That's why you don't see batman fight too much in movies because it's the hard part. But marvel movies, the whole movie can be action and they litterally look like we just watched the prequel.

KwietStorm530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

Fun fact, the movies are based on characters and plots from the comics. It's about bringing them to life and for a wider audience than comics. If you don't enjoy them just don't watch.

Minute Man 721530d ago

The Marvel fanboys on ComicBookMovies are a different breed.

cell989530d ago

What a sad gentleman you are when you can’t appreciate fun

goldwyncq530d ago

Wow, how edgy. Seems like DC would be more your type.

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blacktiger530d ago

No thanks. But I wouldn't mind see marvel characters in League of Legend though like I heard earlier it will be on fortnite which makes no sense. But league of legends or battle royal using same style then yes. But own game which hundred times harder than movies won't work.

gangsta_red530d ago

If marvel could connect their games in the same way the MCU did then I am all for it.

Nothing beats the Avengers Infinity War movie and it definitely was because of the 10 year build up of movies because of it.

It could easily be done for a Marvel Video Game Universe with enough time and patience and compelling games. But I can see it all coming together at the end with a gaming Infinity War of it's own.

And the best part is there's no limit, Marvel **could** include the Xmen, FF and Spider-Man in this gaming universe.

Goldby530d ago

i dunno man, i wasnt too impressed with Avengers infinity war.

doesn't help with all the movies that have been announced for the future, that certain heroes may not see tomorrow yet have movies planned out...

Personally if i were heading up the planning for this, and that 10 years of movie making led us to infinity war, i would have held back on announcing certain sequels and such until after avenger 4.

Thanos himself was the only good part of the film and star lord was the real villian.

gangsta_red530d ago

You know that is pretty much my only big criticism of the movie and the MCU. That certain characters were already announced for sequels before makes what happens in Infinity War less impactful.

But I still love the way they were able to bring all their characters together and not make the movie feel cluttered or a flat out mess.

With a gaming universe I feel they can write these wrongs by doing a lot more and making it permanent.

"Thanos himself was the only good part of the film and star lord was the real villian."

LMAO, 100!

bluefox755530d ago

Start an endless chain of pointless carbon copy entries?

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