Fire Emblem Warriors Producer Says He "Would Love to Make Fire Emblem Warriors 2"

In an interview with Nintendo Dream, Yosuke Hayashi brings up his interest in a follow-up to the hack 'n slash, Fire Emblem Warriors.

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The 10th Rider190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

Just expand the roster to some of the older games . . .

^The above Fire Emblem Heroes poll showed that characters like Ike, Hector, Roy, Micaiah, Ephraim, and Erika are all more than worthy of being included. Just because they're from older and less popular entries in the series doesn't mean they're not fan-favorites.

Give us some ground-axe fighters. Make the different elemental mages and make each element unique. Give us a laguz or two, throw in some armor fighter who are slow, but don't flinch and take little damage. I think there's a lot of room for more variety in the characters.

190d ago