NVR: New Incredible Video Released - Here is what GTA 6 could look like on Next-Gen Platforms

Check out the new and just amazing cinematic video from the GTA 5 mod Natural Vision Remastered (NVR).

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NewUser101168d ago

Call me a snob or what you will but after playing the likes of FarCry 5 with it's gorgeous indirect lighting games like this, no matter how nice looking, just never look AS good. Ray tracing really is going to be a massive step forward in the future.

zaidsaifi168d ago

i don't know man but Knack 2 looks way more graphically advanced

Neonridr168d ago

hard to compare the two, Knack 2 doesn't go for a "realistic" look like this is trying to. That is not taking anything away from Knack though.

zaidsaifi167d ago

the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.
"Knack 2 is better than last of us"
synonyms: derision, mockery, ridicule, satire, irony, scorn, sneering, scoffing, gibing, taunting

Neonridr167d ago

@zaidsaifi - hard to interpret what you meant when you just leave a blanket statement like that. The internet has zero context when it comes to words as there is no way to understand your meaning. Might I suggest a /s at the end of your post if you want it to be taken as such. No big deal at the end of the day, so unsure of why you felt that response was needed. But you keep doing you I guess.

Lockdown555167d ago

Lol, the sarcasm is obvious because regardless of art styles Knack 2 is in no way more graphically advanced. That and Knack 2 is the butt of all comparison jokes in case you haven't been on the internet lately.

Neonridr167d ago

@lockdown555 - fair enough.. I guess I will return to the rock I live under. :P

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Einhander1971168d ago

Looks ok but these open world games the textures always suffer. GTA games especially, modelling real life is always difficult it’s always the buildings that never look right everything looks sterile. Spider Man as amazing as it looks will probably suffer the same. Until tech can use Ray tracing rendering. That’s why I prefer linear games the visuals always look stunning, open world not so much.

Sirk7x168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

It's up to art style to really make something look beautiful. You can push polygons and lighting, but in the end, without a great art direction, it will look like crap a few years down the line. Witcher 3 is a great example of fantastic art direction. Games like Okami and Wind Waker as well, which can be modernized with just a resolution boost and new lighting (Wind Waker HD).
Another example would be BotW. Beautifully crafted, but a bit held back in the hardware department. Next gen, Nintendo could update textures, res, lighting, and it would would look stunning.

Wuket168d ago

What I learned: in next gen Franklin gets yoked

RosweeSon168d ago

Rockstar will have it looking slick no doubts on that

rpvenom167d ago

Definitely Rockstar will push the consoles to the absolute limit. The unfortunate news is that current gen consoles may not be able to handle the raw power needed to support games at this resolution and graphical prowess yet. So the question is.. is that the reason why GTA will not be made specifically for this gen?

By the looks of things, we may not see another GTA until next gen.. which kind of sucks..

Rockstar definitely have the right team in place to make the game photorealistic.. just doubt current gen consoles can run it.

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