Is Playing Fornite Dangerous for Your Child's Well Being?

Video games are usually the target of conversation whenever children do something violent or if they fail to participate in school. The big question is, is this even real problem, and are games damaging lives?

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PiNkFaIrYbOi1480d ago

Anything in excess can lead to harmful effects.

SegaGamer1479d ago

From what i have seen, kids aren't that much different than i was in the past. Sometimes they play video games, sometimes they get outside and kick a ball around or ride their bikes. Kids rarely stick to one thing, they probably mix things up more than us adults do. I was the same as a kid. I played video games a lot, i also went out a lot.

Also, there is another thing these people forget......the weather. The weather here in the UK has been terrible for over a decade now. This year seems to be heading for the worst year in my lifetime (29 years). We have had 4 days of nice weather so far this year, 4 DAYS!! The rest has been heavy rain, wind and below average temperatures. We have always been known for bad weather in the uk, but it's been worse than ever in the last 12 years. Kids can't get out much, the weather hasn't allowed them to. It's a lot different to when i was a kid. When i was a kid, most of my spring and summer days were sunny and warm with a few periods of rain, you could always guarantee a few periods of nice weather, nowadays it's more like 15 days of rain and then 1 or 2 days of sunshine.

princejb1341478d ago

Really. I fee like kids play less now than before. I'm 28 and growing up my neighborhood was full of kids playing up and down. Nowadays kids are more interested in playing on their phone

ClayRules20121478d ago

Same here. I’m 29 & growing up kids were outside playing all kinds of sports, rollerblading, camping, riding bikes etc.. We’re now in this digital age where so many people are focused on their phones, and dependent on all the different social media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook; rather than having actual face to face conversations & just bonding with one another:

I’m grateful that my social network while growing up was being around a campfire with family & friends. Miss those days.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1479d ago

Young children shouldn't be playing Fortnite in the first place. Teens to adults only.

Knightofelemia1479d ago

If it isn't Fortnite then its PUBG if it isn't PUBG then its GTA if it isn't GTA then its some other game

drpepperdude1478d ago

Honestly if the kid understands right from wrong it shouldn't matter what type of games they play though if it's a M rated game I still wouldn't let my kid play them until he is at least around 14. I think parents need to worry more about what kids are doing on the Internet and YouTube more than gaming. The way kids are using cuss words these days like they don't know how to talk is not a good sign.

ClayRules20121478d ago

I agree. It’s really sad to see how often kids cuss nowadays. It doesn’t help that many in the entertainment business, be it musicians, actors or some YouTubers I’ve come across do it a lot.

Parents need to really pay attention & be aware of what their kids are doing. Don’t let the video games & phones become the babysitter.