The 10 Best Video Game Opening Scenes of All Time

After much deliberation, arguments, and internal fisticuffs, COGconnected settles on what is believed to be ten of the best opening scenes ever in video games. Are you ready to find out what they are?

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NecrumOddBoy170d ago

BOTW....? LOL, come on with kissing this game's ass. It didn't have much of a beginning at all.

I would have added:
Fallout 3 and God of War

Theknightofnights169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

BotW had a fantastic opening that introduced you to the games mechanics in a myriad of ways without explicitly informing you of what all those mechanics are.

Example: To get to one of the shrines you need to learn about the temperature system in the game, and how cold/heat reactions work. There is an optional quest to get the warm doublet to brace the cold, or you can skip the quest and cook something to warm you up. You can also just carry a heat source around with you, or stock up on enough healing foods/items to make it all the way there. The game doesn't tell you what way is right, or what way is wrong. Heck, just crossing the river to that side of the plateau can go a couple different ways. Personally, I cut down trees to make a makeshift bridge, other people took an entirely different route like scaling the side of the mountain.

bluefox755169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

The BOTW intro was definitely smart and functional, and benefited the player, but there was nothing memorable about it.

Theknightofnights169d ago (Edited 169d ago )


Personally, I disagree. The plateau was a memorable experience for me. Not all games resonate with everyone in the same way though.

Like, I didn't think much was memorable about The Witcher 2's opening, and I'd probably substitute that one for Uncharted 2's opening scene.

knickstr169d ago

That's not opening scene though. That's their tutorial. This article is for opening scenes.

Theknightofnights169d ago


I think the opening scene when you are coming out of the cave and see the vast landscape displaying locations like the volcano, hyrule castle, and a forest below you is very well executed and memorable as well :)

frostypants168d ago

@Theknightofnights, most complex games have that sort of tutorial.

Theknightofnights168d ago


Not at all. Most games bombard you with icons and text boxes to teach you how to play. BotW smartly guides you through fundamental elements that you can take on in a number of ways without telling you how to do it.

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OMNlPOTENT169d ago

Says "stop kissing this game's ass" literally has numerous comments hating on BOTW and kissing God of War's ass. Both 10/10 games, you're just super salty for no reason.

-Foxtrot169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

He said Fallout 3 and God of War

You act like he just listed like 10 PlayStation only games or something

Says something bad about Zelda = "Hater"

septemberindecember168d ago (Edited 168d ago )


Look at NecrumOddBoy’s comment history. I think that’s what omnipotent is addressing.

SuperSonic91169d ago

Uncharted 2 Among Thieves is unbeatable in this regard.

SuperSonic91169d ago

And of course God of War 3!!!!!
That opening sequence is colossal and titanic epicly mind blowing!!!!!

Zeref169d ago

I love BOTW but I have to agree. There wasn't much of an opening scene at all.

-Foxtrot169d ago

I like how they listed Final Fantasy VII but Final Fantasy VIII opening blew that out of the's the same with Zelda here. With any top 10 list of any kind, people will find a way or will automatically think of adding the most hyped up or praised game in a franchise even if other games did the one thing your talking about better.

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beanplant169d ago

Lol Link to the Past had a way better opening then BoTW in my opinion.

Kabaneri169d ago

Halo 3 and MGS5 had pretty epic intros.

capjacksparrow169d ago

Just because it's mentioned in The Last of Us' paragraph, doesn't mean it shouldn't get its own; Uncharted 2 had a phenomenal opening and should have its own mention, not just an afterthought. Way higher than some of the others on the list.

SuperSonic91169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

Exactly! Uncharted 2 opening is still mind blowing in hind sight.
Perfect gameplay, tutorial, breath taking set piece tied into the story, gameplay, scope, scale, tone, acting, presentation, originality, creativity and genius of the game!
It was perfect!

Smokehouse169d ago

Bioshock is my favorite. The demo hooked me.

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