Defiance Dev:Main Difference Between PS4 Pro & Xbox One X Is Resolution,Game Runs Over 60fps On Both

"Making sure to accommodate the 4K resolution is both a benefit and a hurdle with game development," says Defiance dev.

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Babadook7255d ago

Usually pro has the higher or more stable fps. Hopefully that trend doesn’t happen again this game.

thrust255d ago

Xbox X a lot more powerful allways the better 3rd party games, The truth hurts 👍

bluefox755255d ago

@thrust Yeah, the newer, more expensive hardware seems to play games a little better. Shocking, right? Personally, I like 60fps on most games, so I go for the best version, on PC, not X.

RobLoPR255d ago

@bluefox... so PC is cheaper than Xbox One X?

rdgneoz3255d ago

"allways the better 3rd party games"

Because it has no good first party games since they all get delayed or canned?

Realms255d ago

@ thrust

No the truth is that a good PC runs circles around the X but some of you constantly try to make it seem like the X is better than PC wrong.

@ RobLoPR

You gotta love the goal posting the argument isn't about price point the argument is where you can get the best performance and the answer is PC. MS fanboys love taunting the power card the only problem is that a good PC can and always will outperform consoles.

iplay1up2255d ago

That is not true. Time and time again the X has been the best platform for 3rd party games. Usually FPS on the X are higher too. Just look at Assassins Creed Origins X compared to Pro Digital Foundry has.

Next Gen it wont matter. I just don't know what Sony and Microsoft are planning for next gen. This is the first MAJOR mid gen upgrade for a console. I just paid $499 for Xbox One X, and Pro is $399. If next gen starts in 2019. What kind of power will the consoles have? What price?BTW, not only does the X have more power than pro, but also a 4K BluRay player. Which Pro doesn't have. That is what makes the X $100 more than pro.

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Cmv38255d ago

Oh we're talking hardware, because I was going to list some other differences.

nowitzki2004255d ago

I seen an article in gameinformer that MS will be releasing an Xbox One F. $899 with 8% increase over Xbox One X. First time I seen or heard anything about it. Is it true or was it a joke?

AnubisG255d ago

Never heard of that. Most likely a joke.

nowitzki2004255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

I didnt have time to read through it, but I really wouldnt be surprised so did not know how to take it lol.

I think its May 2018 issue.. Spiderman on cover.

slavish0255d ago

this is a last gen game it should be 4k60

ImGumbyDammit255d ago

Except when it is not, right? Shouldn't the current generation base units be about 60fpts/1080 all the time? But, that is not true or even close to true. What will happen, as it has always happened, developers will push the limits and have to sacrifice or use tricks just as they do now. Next gen, no matter how powerful will still see 4K/30fps regularly. At times devs will still use tricks to even provide 4K, just like they do with 1080 now. The CPU (in any $399 console) although much better CPU will still be the weakest link in any console. Will it be better at 4K than the X 4K? Of course But, it will be foolish to think that for $399 or $499 that sacrifices won't have to be made.

PS3_Noob255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

If X could do 60fps compared to Pro 30fps may be it would matter more. Otherwise both can do well over 1080P which is more than enough. Games is what matters most.

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