What Happened to the Golden Age of Star Wars Games?

There was a time when Star Wars games allowed fans to go on their own exciting adventures across the galaxy. That time is over.

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strayanalog166d ago

Good read.‎

So, poor management with the over-reliance of Star Wars games, which reduced in quality. In defense, they were made in a different era, not to mention the brand was a cash cow.‎
Then we have Disney come in right when LucasArts was trying to pick themselves up and killed their new hope. Now we get mangled EA titles, because Disney knows nothing about video games.
I seriously hope Disney brings the studio back when the Wars' license expires on EA, whether they want to make games or not, and let the studio do their own thing.‎

naruga164d ago

the same that happened with the movies ....they become completely trash and retard ....Star Wars "World" after the 2 new shty movies is dead

indysurfn164d ago

I was tempted to just say EA without reading the article! But yeah there is a lot in the article. I still hope Disney turns the game over to a better/previous developer after the contract expires. Or even pay EA off and do it now. Or just break the contract because of EA risking their name with the Micro transactions.

bloop164d ago

"Disney knows nothing about video games."

Disney know nothing about Star Wars.

Fixed that for you.

ZeekQuattro166d ago

Too many self inflicted wounds. Disney swooping in for the kill like a vulture didn't help either. Why they thought giving EA sole publishing rights is beyond me. Two FPS games and a few mobile games later they have little to show for it in the last 4 years.

NecrumOddBoy165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

PS1 - N64 - Xbox/PS2/GC days were the golden years.

My favorite Star Wars titles were
Jedi Knight II: Outcast
Rebel Assault II
Rogue Squadron/Leader
Jedi Alliance
...and even OBI WAN, lol

Fist4achin164d ago

Try to get a hold of Republic Commando. Cool game and if it were either remade, rebooted, or continued as a sequel would be badass!

ObviousGoldfish164d ago

Can I play republic commando on my ps 4??

Fist4achin164d ago

@ObviousGoldfish Youre going to have to either get an OG xbox, a 360, or an xbone. It was an OG xbox release and i caught up with it on my 360. I recommend this old gem of a game.

The 10th Rider164d ago

Actually it's on Steam as well, and you can pretty much run it on a potato.

Z501164d ago

I even liked Jedi Power Battles for the PS1/Dreamcast.

NecrumOddBoy164d ago

Oh add that, POD Racer on N64, and Lego Star Wars trilogy

babadivad164d ago

I'm not ashamed to say I spent more than a fair share of time on Pod Racing. Though KoTOR 1 and 2 were my all time favorite Star Wards games by far.

TheColbertinator164d ago

After LucasArts died,I lost hope

babadivad164d ago

Will there ever be a New Hope???

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The story is too old to be commented.