Why You Shouldn’t Be Pissed at Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls Online expansions might feel like cop-outs getting in the way of a mainline entry. But maybe they could be something even better.

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joab777166d ago

Don’t think so. Why? Because the assets wouldn’t be transferable, and different devs are working on each game. And it isn’t really a testing ground because ES6 will follow Akyrim, which had massive audience appeal. It won’t be build for ES fans alone.

I just think that ESO is great for mmo and ES fans to keep playing in the world while they wait. It gives Bethesda time to make ES6. We know Starfield or whatever is getting announced this year, and after that, maybe next ye, probably 2020, we will get an ES6 announcement.

All that said...I love the Altmer. So Summerset would be an amazing locale.

Millard166d ago

I loved oblivion but found skyrim dull and a bit of a slog. I hope the next entry modernises the series with a bigger jump between games than was seen between fallout 3 and 4. The Bethesda design is wearing thin these days and with so many great open world games having been released in the last few years i think they need to up their game for VI.

Razmiran166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

Why would the expansions get in the way? They are not made by the same team that makes the mainline single player games
And besides, Morrowind was great and im sure this will be just as good.
And also, the writing in bethesdas games is getting worse while Zenimax Online is putting out an amazing effort

TheOttomatic91166d ago

Change the title to Elder Scrolls Online no one has a problem with the offline series well asides from constantly asking for ES6.

Psychosious165d ago

I never could get into es online, felt lacking in substance..

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