Groovy – Evil Dead Comes To VR

Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare is set to come to Oculus standalone devices in June 2018.

The7Reaper2207d ago

That's neat but I would prefer remasters of the Ps2 games.

Fist4achin2207d ago

As a long time evil dead fan, this could be cool. I enjoyed the new series, but would probably crap my pants in a room full of creepy kids.


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TrueStoryGuy734d ago

"Ash is also a playable character in Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate."
Uh, might wanna check your sources again on that one, bud.

HeliosHex734d ago

Evil dead regeneration is my personal fave.

mastershredder734d ago

Evil Dead: The game does not count (calling it a game is painful). It is straight up done-to-death cash-in trash. Such a step in the wrong direction.


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