Sweeney Says New AAA Projects Should Think of Ray Tracing, Doesn't Rule It Out for Next-Gen Consoles

Epic Games Co-Founder and legendary programmer Tim Sweeney said that everybody starting a triple-A project should think of ray tracing. He also didn't rule out the possibility of next-generation consoles supporting the new technology.

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ccgr196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

Can't wait to see what the next-gen console will do!

G3ng4r195d ago

And how much the price of games rise in the struggle for realism!

KaiPow196d ago

It is fascinating how one little upgrade can make sure a huge difference in rendering. Hopefully this can be something that smaller devs can easily put to use!

frostypants196d ago

"Little" in concept. Massive in horsepower demand.

FinalFantasyFanatic195d ago

Yep, I imagine only very small portions or things will get the raytracing in any given game, otherwise it'll be too demanding to render in real time.

Cobra951196d ago

Dream on. Maybe in another 2 gens. It's not happening on consoles with specs finalized before 2020. It isn't even possible in the consumer PC space yet. The hardware needed costs something like $60K, and the demo runs at 24 fps.

Picture_Dancer196d ago

Do you know that this ray tracing is made with fresh technology, prototype AI which denoise computer ganerated image. It is matter of time to optimise this new part of technology and develop custom procesors for AI operations.

TheCommentator196d ago

"At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week, studio 4A Games revealed that it is working with Nvidia to bring real-time ray tracing technology into the latest Metro sequel... The company worked with Nvidia’s RTX tech as well as Microsoft DirectX Raytracing plugin for its graphics API, and instead of building a dedicated tech demo, 4A ended up implementing ray tracing into its next major release."

SierraGuy195d ago

Maybe at 4K or 8K...I'll take 1080P Ray tracing next gen. It would still knock your socks off.

rainslacker195d ago

I don't think we'll see full ray tracing features come next gen. The GPU's that offer it now are still pretty costly, and the hardware to run it is still to new to be affordable for a console coming in 2-3 years.

We may see some ray tracing features though.

FinalFantasyFanatic195d ago

Ray Tracing is very demanding, if anything, we'll see very limited application of it used in games, I also don't expect next gen consoles to have this feature in any games.

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sander9702196d ago

Am I the only one that isn't impressed whatsoever about this slightly better looking reflections engine that demands incredible hardware.

xenz196d ago

Slightly better? Are you blind?

rainslacker195d ago

Raytracing is a pretty significant improvement to reflections, which causes much more accurate colors. Raytracing itself isn't just about the reflections of a surface, but it allows light to hit multiple surfaces giving you a much more accurate depiction of how things look when there are multiple sources of light on an object.

frostypants196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

I mean, nobody DOESN'T want ray-tracing. It's just computationally demanding AF. Even if the next gen consoles can pull it off, being able to implement it in a game without big sacrifices in other areas would be a tall order.

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