Xbox can play the long game with its exclusive titles, but not forever

WindowsCentral: “Despite the noise, Microsoft can afford to play the long game with getting its exclusive line-up in order, but certainly not forever. Sony has its own fledgling streaming service known as PS Now, and rumors about Google, TenCent, and Amazon getting into the game have been swirling for some time.

Xbox has been using its resources to help fend off these future threats from the big tech companies. It will take time, but with the re-organization in place, I am confident that Xbox is extremely well positioned to grow out an exclusive lineup that fans crave, and future fans will desire. Believe it: Xbox is in it to win it.”

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corroios260d ago

The gold of Microsoft arent exclusives games, but services! If it was exclusives they would have create new studios this gen and not closed them.

They will buy timed exclusives and thats about it.

gamer7804260d ago

the board already gave approval for a large investment in studios to develop exclusive IP's. Short term? I think they should buy an exclusive or two to fill the gap since AAA development takes a while.

trooper_259d ago

Buying exclusives isn't the answer. What have they been doing all this time?!

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Razzer260d ago

They need to create some new studios first and foremost. Contracting games out to third parties hasn't worked very well except for Forza Horizon. Hope the claim of new investment is true though. I'm going to try and find that note to investors he talks about.

rainslacker259d ago

Contracting, or 2nd party, is a stop gap or secondary measure to provide more content. It shouldn't be frowned upon, because ultimately, there is really no reason why contracting or 2nd party can't be just as beneficial for the console maker and the consumer.

Personally, I don't care where MS gets it's games, so long as they're investing in games. 1st party has it's advantages of course, but there is nothing wrong with hiring out.

Razzer259d ago

No, I agree. But in MS' just hasn't worked out very well.....for whatever reason. They need to recruit and hire top talent for internal teams, IMO.

ShottyatLaw260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

This is a good write up by Jez Corden. Hopefully the reorganization and the investments do bring good results.

None of us like to wait, and MS has been shown an abundance of patience from its fanbase, but he's right, they need to start that serious investment or they risk losing more than this generation. And as corporate and rigid as MS is, we will not be happy if Amazon or Samsung suddenly step in. If you think traditional console gaming is threatened by Xbox, you ain't seen nothing yet.

I don't have Jez's sources, but it's been clear to me that Spencer's job has been about rebuilding with a tight budget. The reorganization shows that he has made progress in an environment that isn't too gamer friendly. I know it's easy to blame the guy for everything bad we see, but I'd encourage people to read this before the next time you start calling for his head.

rainslacker259d ago

Why wouldn't we be happy if Amazon or Samsung stepped in? Would they somehow be bad for the industry? Samsung actually seems to be a company that makes quality products that the consumer wants and tends to be pretty up to date with current technologies and when it's best to release them at a price that people can accept. They aren't overly original in much of their devices design, but they make quality products. Amazon is a bit of an unknown, since their focus seems to be on the back end for what is likely some future move they haven't revealed yet, and they seem to be focused on connected products outside of gaming, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't be entirely like that in the console space.

If anything, I think both Samsung and Amazon would be better able to be competitive by giving customers what they want, and Amazon already has a better game engine than MS provides with their SDK's.

ShottyatLaw259d ago

Give us what we want? Like streaming services and mobile titles? I get you're against MS, but don't wish that garbage on the rest of us.

You think Amazon and Samsung will develop a set top box and invest in developing AAA franchises? First, it will take years to reach that point when they're starting from zero. Second, why in the world would they not just leverage their strengths to get into the "console market." In other words, streaming and mobile-esque games.

You stay on the ready to enjoy your Ouya Galaxy Firestick Prime, Rain. I'll continue to hope that MS gets its act together and provides us with what we want. Who knows if they will, but if you're a betting man, I wouldn't go with team Amazon/Samsung (and don't forget Apple!).

rainslacker259d ago

I'm just saying, you seem to think we wouldn't be OK with another contender coming into the mix. But there is nothing to indicate how well those companies may do, and if they can bring us something we want, then why not allow them the chance without acting like the console market isn't accepting of new competition. If people thought like that, Xbox never would have made it in the market, because when they came into the market, Sony and Nintendo were strong enough. Sega left a gulf, but MS isn't exactly leaving a great mark on the market as it is.

I don't know if Amazon or Samsung would develop a set top box or invest in developing AAA franchises, but I do know that Amazon already has a better in house game engine than MS does. I'd also imagine if they enter the market, they'd do the precursor stuff so they wouldn't be coming in with nothing.

There are a lot of possibilities on how they could enter the market, and as of right now, it's all just hypothetical, but I still question why you would say we wouldn't be happy with them entering the market. I'm sure they wouldn't get that fair of a shake because gamers tend to be harsh, but if they try, they have every right to try and make their mark.

Also, I'm not talking about Ouya or some fancy Alexis streaming service. I'm talking about a full fledged console.

I'd put my money on Amazon before anyone else, as they're the only one's who have shown interest in entering the game market in a real way....although they still haven't shown any indication of wanting to make a console.

ShottyatLaw258d ago

I actually am excited for Amazon's game development. I'm surprised you would be though. Everything will be built on GaaS principles and will utilize AWS to immediately fully leverage their Twitch investment. Will that come on a dedicated, Amazon-made piece of hardware? God I hope not. But we know that their first two projects are LoL and Overwatch clones. My guess is PC releases. Not exactly ready to fill in for any of the big three.

Samsung is even more in that area of hypotheticals. But what do you see in their current business model that would be good for gamers?

Better question, what do you see in their potential that is better than what MS has done, and is hopefully working towards? And why does new competition from other-fully unknown- corporations equal "better?" There's a reason only 3 major consoles exist right now. If it were easy, why is there so little competition?

Every single day on this site we hear about the evils of GaaS, all digital, always online, etc. These "replacement" companies are 100% geared toward these same practices.

If MS drops out, other tech giants aren't suddenly going to step in and start delivering this dream console experience. So again, be careful what you wish for.

rainslacker258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

That's a lot of assumption based on some of their moves, which ignores that their game engine itself can make any kind of game. Amazon may not be something we want, but I wouldn't be opposed to them coming into the market. If they do, and it's not something we want, then I'll complain then.

In the mean time, we know what MS is doing, and I'm not impressed with it, so if another company can do better by looking at what's not working for MS, and decide to compete more against Sony instead of just reacting to them, then I'd be for that over whatever MS has going on right now.

As far as Samsung, it's not that I think they'd be great based on what they have, but they make quality products, and seem to be good at leveraging fairly current tech to make products that people want. They're also a Korean company and could possibly leverage Korean game development to make it more popular in the west.

Better from both....just that both seem to have a more customer focus than MS does, as MS seems more interested in pushing their own agenda, regardless of if it matches up to what the general consumer wants.

If both these companies were to decide to go GaaS(which there is no indication towards right now), online only....not really true for both because both would likely make products that appeal to everyone, all digital....see online only. They don't have products that fit into the current game market, so it's impossible to judge what exactly they may bring, but I still wouldn't say we wouldn't be happy should they decide to enter the market.

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Kokyu259d ago

There is no long game to play in a generation about to be over. This will not be an 8 to 10yrs cycle people.

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