Star Wars: Battlefront is Back and Better Than Ever on Xbox One X | Gamerheadquarters

Star Wars: Battlefront returns as an Original Xbox Backwards Compatible title bringing with it an incredible Xbox One X enhancement that makes this old shooter look great once more.

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Nodoze262d ago

Oh how I miss Galactic Conquest. Amazing how much was on offer here compared to now.

AgeInTheCage262d ago

LOL, when you have no console exclusives you find any reason to praise multi console 3rd party games on a console maybe 10% have on here, sucks for us og xbone owners that bought all that cloud making every xbone 5x more powerful.

ShottyatLaw262d ago

No, this is about reminding everyone why Battlefront used to be great. 4k, 2k, potato, it doesn't matter. This should be praised regardless.

Now carry on with that console war of yours, brave keyboard shill.

Godmars290262d ago

It should make the gaming community if not industry questioning choices why so much content has been removed from modern games.

quent262d ago

No, just people like you that are easily impressed by words and technical terms they don't understand

TheSplooge262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

What do exclusives have to do with this article?

Godmars290262d ago

Smoke and mirrors.

"Don't pay attention to what we don't have, pay attention to what we use to have."

Would Xbox BC really be getting praised if the XB1's modern game library was healthy popular and especially selling well?

Nevermind the even bigger issue of an older AAA title having tons more content than current games.

spicelicka262d ago

No exclusives but that doesn't make it any less legit.

Yohshida261d ago

This battlefront > 99.9% of the games these days

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TheOttomatic91262d ago

Possible stupid question here but can you play online?

Sciurus_vulgaris262d ago

I believe you can’t at the moment. OG Xbox one games as of yet do not have online MP too the best of my understanding. I see MS owned OG Xbox games getting mp if the games in question get good engagement and digital sales.

TheColbertinator262d ago

Only Battlefront on GOG has online play last time I checked.

Yohshida261d ago (Edited 261d ago )

steam version aswell

*edit: only Battlefront 2 is on Steam with currently 1354 players, installing it right now YEE

skycaptin5262d ago

The multiplayer was shut off for Original Xbox games years back, assume prior to them thinking Backwards Compatibility was possible. They've mentioned it's too difficult/not worth it to emulate the servers. Perhaps one day they might, there's this special setup you can do to play the games online but I'm not familiar with the process.

Weeblordbad262d ago

You can if the game supports LAN, I believe the tunelling software is still available.

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