E3 2018 Predictions

E3 2018 is only a few weeks away. It's there that the biggest publishers and developers of the video game industry will reveal new projects, never before seen footage of their upcoming games, and more. As you might guess it's prediction time, here are Gamer Assault Weekly predictions for E3 2018.

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yellowgerbil167d ago

my theory on E3
Big Spiderman push
Big Dreams push (with beta immediately after show) and release date set for mid/late summer
Days Gone release date guessing around February
New shooter IP from Sony with a strong online focus in either the style of Overwatch or PUBG
New small/medium project out of Japan Studios
Rachet and Clank 2 tease or else a reveal of a remake/remaster of either Ape Escape or Jak and Daxter

Halo pre rendered teaser
Crackdown release date
big push of Anthem to compete with Sony's usual Destiny push
Titanfall 3 reveal (think this one will go timed exclusive)
Small Indies that are exclusive or timed exclusive

Nintendo: I think they will do a proper e3 press conference this year
Mario Maker and a reworked Starfox will both get Switch releases
They will show off Pokemon
they will show off a game built around amibo
they will end the show with a remastered version of Super Mario (thinking sunshine but maybe galaxy)
They will show Bayonetta and No More Heroes

The show we've all been waiting for ever since they blew us all away 3 years ago with the Fallout 4 reveal...
Starfield is announced as Todd Howards next game
Dishonored 3
Doom 2
Fallout 4 for Switch (think they might do 3 and new Vegas for switch and ps4/x1 too)
Not shown but maybe a leak or behind closed doors of Fallout online

EA: a 50 minute interview with the first guy to ever kick a field goal and then some gameplay of the next Battlefield game

Neonridr167d ago

Nintendo will certainly be showing off Smash Bros though.

deafdani165d ago

They're doing a Smash invitational, so yes, they're doing way more than just showing it. Lol.

It will be fun just for the Smash tourney alone.

Neonridr163d ago

@deafdani - oh definitely, I was just sort of pointing out that Smash will be a huge contingent of this years E3, which the previous commenter failed to mention.

I_am_Batman166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

You left out a bunch of games for Sony's press conference:

- The Last of Us: Part 2 is already confirmed for E3 2018 (probably a gameplay demo).
- Death Stranding will probably have a gameplay reveal as well.
- Ghost of Tsushima will most likely be at the press conference. I think a lot of people are underestimating how far along this game is in development. Remember that Infamous: Second Son came out in march 2014.
- From Software's game they teased at the game awards with the "Shadows die twice" teaser trailer will possibly make an appearance at Sony's conference as well.

Sony seems to be more careful with announcing release dates nowadays so while it's possible that we'll get release dates for Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding at E3 I think it's more likely that they'll wait til PSX to announce release dates.

I also doubt we'll see a new multiplayer focused shooter IP from Sony that'll try to compete with PubG (certainly not first party). They might try to get a deal with some third party on a Battle Royale without too much of an investment. The problem in competing with games like Overwatch, PubG or Fortnite is there is only so much room for these types of games at one time.

- Nintendo will probably have something on Smash Bros.
- Metroid might also get some additional infos and a proper trailer.
- Really hope that they'll go for a proper Mario Maker 2 instead of a port because the first Mario Maker is missing a lot of important features.

I really don't expect much from Microsoft at this point. I think they'll play it save this gen and put most of the eggs in the next gen basket. Sure we'll see Crackdown, Forza and we might see a new Halo but if they're really investing in new first party studios and new IPs I doubt that they'll focus on this gen (And yes I do think that Microsoft will make a real next gen console and drop support for the Xbox One eventually despite them saying that forewards compatibility is a big focus for now).

The 10th Rider166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

Yeah, people around here predict release dates for Sony software every year at E3, but Sony tends to shy away from it. We might get one for Dreams, but anything that's coming out next year probably won't get anything outside of possibly a release window.

yellowgerbil166d ago

I wrote this weeks ago, the theories may be out dated but changing it is like changing an answer on a test after it's been turned in and you looked at your text book.
Really the only 2 things I care about is Dreams and Starfield anything more will be icing on the cake

The 10th Rider166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

Sony already said no GOW DLC.They won't give a Days Gone release date if it's not coming until next year. Unless it's made by a different studio, I doubt Insomniac has another game coming out so soon after Spiderman. It's highly likely we see whatever that "Shadows Die Twice" game was and that many be a Sony exclusive.

As for Microsoft you can relaly predict anything because outside of Forza Horizon 4 we really don't have a clue.

Nintendo already confirmed no press conference. Pokemon may get shown off, but typically if the game is at E3 it's announced ahead of time. If we don't hear about Pokemon before E3 then don't expect it there. Other than that they said they're focusing on 2018 titles, so we'll be seeing Yoshi and Fire Emblem.

TallonIV166d ago

Nintendo have already said they're doing a video presentation again this year..

quent165d ago

Yeah you forgot to mention the biggest game of the show, can you guess which one ?

SR388165d ago

You missed loads of Ninty shit lol... They will have a direct, not a floor show...bayo3, nmh3 yes... Mario maker I hope not, Starfox yes but not zero lol, ending with Mario huh? Interesting... But what about SMA5H? Metroid? F-ZERO? MK9? New ips... Other 3rd parties games aswell... I just hope they don't do lots for the 3ds coz it sucks lol

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gangsta_red167d ago

My predictions...

Lots and lots of third party presentations on both Sony and MS stages. Each announcing timed exclusivity or timed marketing deals.

Que an hour going by of this and then another E3 dead and gone.

The_Jackel166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

MS word predictions;
Plays better on xbox one
World Premier
Xbox and PC exclusive
true 4k
console launch exclusive
xbox one x enhanced

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