GTA IV, A Ten Year Reunion

WTMG's Heidi Hawes: "The Grand Theft Auto series has been around for 20 years and has captivated millions. Today I'm focusing on GTA IV as we celebrate its 10 year anniversary."

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Jinger198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

I don't understand how this game got 10's with how bad the gameplay was with the terrible cover mechanics and the lock on system.

MrSwankSinatra198d ago

The gameplay is not bad what are you even talking about?

Jinger198d ago

The movement, the floaty car controls, the bad cover system, the bad lock on system... most of it was really poorly done.

DivineAssault 198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Really didnt enjoy 4 as much as the others. It wasnt a bad game but i dont think they spent as much time developing this one.