Why You Should Leave L.A. Noire For Switch In Your Backlog

BacklogCritic: "It’s an awkward, shallow title with an empty open world and muddy visuals; it doesn’t feel polished enough to justify a $50 price point. No doubt L.A. Noire was impressive for its time, and it’s exciting to think that a Grand Theft Auto title could work well on the Switch. "

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fr0sty1100d ago

In order to leave it in my backlog, it would have had to have been in there to begin with. I don't waste money on games I know I'm not going to play for a long time.

blawren41100d ago

Backlog doesn't necessarily mean you've purchased the game. Keep your backlog unpurchased until you are ready to play. It's much cheaper that way.

Kumakai1100d ago

i wouldn't play this, or GTA or any major multiplatform AAA on Switch because I own a One X and a PS4 Pro. Both of those systems destroy the Switch on every level. and yes I own a Switch too. Switch is good for games like Mario or Pokemon etc, where the graphics don't have to be great and you don't really care about performance. Otherwise you're try to compete with race cars while driving a golf cart.

2pacalypsenow1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

Or just buy on PS4 or Xbox 1, and get the real experience without the muddy graphics.

quent1100d ago

Same graphics buddy, higher pixel count

2pacalypsenow1100d ago

Pretty sure the game doesn't have muddy graphics when I play it on the Xbox one X.

psplova1100d ago

My son was going to buy this until we figured out he didn't have the memory to even install the damn thing.. So, without a large memory card it's not a game you can even play on the switch...

franwex1100d ago

It’ll probably look better on the 360 and ps3 anyway.

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