Upcoming PS4 God of War Update to Offer Additional Rage Mode Controller Remap Option

An additional God of War Rage Mode controller remap option will be added to the game through an upcoming update, Sony Santa Monica Studio has confirmed.

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Veneno1736d ago

That's good. Those thumbstick click buttons often go off when you don't want them to.

Veneno1736d ago

Yes, particularly when I'm running and moving the camera at the same time.

GrubsterBeater1736d ago

Happens to me when in trying to run and click R3 to target an enemy at the same time. You can change it to a different button mapping already, but I didn't like the other mappings available for Rage Mode, so I left it.

jugo141736d ago

do you know how to hold and use your controller?

Veneno1736d ago

Well obviously the director of the game acknowledges that he cannot competently design a good control scheme so here comes a patch to fix it. 😉

Goldby1736d ago

also an overal increase text size for subtitles and any lore and notes in game

Veneno1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Yeah that one is such a head scratcher. The text boxes are so big but they only utilize maybe 10% of that space for actual text lol

SuperSonic911736d ago

Please please yeah

Need to read the lore.

Vanfernal1736d ago

Legit question: I know for a fact that in the accessibility options on the menu you can increase the text size. I haven't tried it but doesn't that help with your issue?

Veneno1736d ago

Unfortunately it does not when intuitively you woul think it would.What's stopping you from checking it out for yourself?

Vanfernal1736d ago

@veneno At the moment I wrote that I was at work so I couldn't check for myself.

rainslacker1735d ago

It doesn't really increase the size of the text that much. I ramped it all the way up, and the things I actually wanted to read didn't seem to be any bigger.

Razzer1736d ago

Awesome. I still can't get used to using triggers for melee attacks.

littletad1736d ago

There's a classic option that reverts back to the old God of War style controls.

Razzer1736d ago Didn't know that. Thanks.

status4041736d ago

@litteltad is right. I swapped to the classic set up for the first play-through. I plan to try the triggers in a follow up game.

Strange_Evil1736d ago

I played it with the classic controls in the first run. Works fine.

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The story is too old to be commented.