The Case for Final Fantasy XII's Vaan

Though Vaan makes clear his purpose and operates Final Fantasy XII in respectable facets as a POV character, catalyst for gameplay scenarios, and knowledge drinker in a captivating world, he still manages to feel forced and unwelcome, and in this scene especially.

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FallenAngel1984258d ago

“Leave him at Bhujerba, I say. Better yet, have him kidnapped and never to be seen again.”

Vaan plays an important role in the story and if he had been left behind FFXII would’ve had a downer ending.

He is usually treated as a tagalong kid not relevant to the grand scheme of things, but during the first appearance of Rasler's "ghost", Vaan also sees a ghost, but believes that it's Reks'. Since we know that the ghost is a tool used by the Occuria to manipulate Ashe, we can only assume that Vaan is seen by the same Occurias as a "plan B", another proxy who could do their dirty work if Ashe failed. Later Ashe keeps seeing her husband's ghost but Vaan stops seeing Reks', which would mean that he has already shook off the Occuria's influence.

Vaan becomes a more virtuous role model for Ashe: he has as many reasons as her to hate The Empire, but he gives up his desires of revenge, is ready to forgive Archadia, and even becomes friends with the brother of the man responsible for Reks' death, showing Ashe that there are other paths than mindless revenge and convincing her to not become the main villain of the game she would have been otherwise if she gave into the influence of the Occuria. If Ashe had listened to the Occurias she would have wiped Archadia from the map and then could have become a witch-empress with a pact with the devil; exactly the kind of ultimate bad guy you encounter in most classic fantasy RPGs.

This shows the quality of the writing: Vaan, who was essentially a last minute addition decided by the executives of the company was incorporated in the story with a subtle but vital role: he actually manages to defeat the main villain by stopping her before she actually becomes evil. How many RPG heroes can claim such a feat?

NewMonday257d ago

Vaan is an oddity that destroyed the FF12 narrative,he was forced in by marketing because said Basch was old

Melankolis257d ago

The FFXII i remember gave every character attention equally among them. So it was hard for me to imagine that Vaan was the main hero.

That's why, story wise, i thought this isn't typical J-RPG at that time, where the role of hero, heroine, supporting casts, enemies are clear.

As an adult-to-be teenager i found FFXII not that interesting to me compared to other RPGs or previous FFs. But as a full grown adult now, i would to revisit FFXII again.

FallenAngel1984257d ago

FFVI didn’t have a clear lead character either

solideagle257d ago

FF vi was awesome. I played it after x viii and vii. One of the best square should remake that

FallenAngel1984257d ago

Square Enix already did remake FFVI twice

Nacho_Z257d ago

Bland as water character who looked like an underage twink in bondage gear. I wasn't a faan.