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-Foxtrot1969d ago


I'm hoping the collectors edition is announced soon, I can't believe the first game never had one,.

-Foxtrot1969d ago

God's N4G

Say something negative - You're always negative

Say something positive - Disagreed to death

SheenuTheLegend1968d ago

i hope every edition is collector edition considering the fact most games are a complete rip off.

Wagz221969d ago

Yea I don't get it either, I'm looking forward to the collector's edition.

-Foxtrot1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

GTAIV and GTAV had some pretty quality collector's editions and even though the first Red Dead Redemption game didn't have any (god knows why) they did sell some pretty neat stuff on the Rockstar Warehouse.



Even if it was pricey I would love a small replica mini safe with the theme of the game.

DONTB1969d ago

Collectors Edition**

**Game not included

GCRyan1969d ago

I'm pretty sure it's Nate Harlow. The protagonist of Red Dead Revolver

Ezio20481969d ago

Is that John Marston i see!!!!!

nucky641969d ago

I would have liked to see some gameplay too.

getbacktogaming1969d ago

Do we know if it's at least all in game/realtime?

2pacalypsenow1969d ago

I'm sure the gameplay will be identical to the first game.

overrated441969d ago

Gameplay is coming tomorrow apparently.

zivtheawesome1969d ago

not gameplay, but probably written previews.

morganfell1969d ago

"not gameplay, but probably written previews."

Oh great, the same people that can't review games, preview games. This is why I prefer live twitch streams with dev QA.

Ceaser98573611969d ago

R* Does in game trailer and doesn't show gameplay. They only do show Multiplayer gameplay..

clevernickname1969d ago

Why do people get so excited for cinematic trailers for a video game, anyway? At least with Rockstar you typically get game engine cinematics, but too often it's just a CGI trailer for a video game, which is just silly.

Veneno1968d ago

Maybe visiting a website about video games isn't for you then?

Profchaos1969d ago

That was gameplay that is how Rockstar creates their trailers always has been that's ps4 pro with the HUD disabled

deafdani1968d ago

There's a good chance the entirety of this trailer was done in-game, as is customary with Rockstar's open world games. So, there's that at least.

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