An Era of "Triple-I" Development Is Almost Here

Ninja Theory, Frostkeep Studios and Private Division discuss a coming wave of games that combine indie creativity with triple-A production values.

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isarai171d ago

In other words the full revitalization of mid-tier games, count me hyped as F*&%K!

rockwhynot170d ago

So ready for this era I'll support $$

Derceto170d ago

Thank god, because I'm beyond tired of "Triple-A".

letsa_go170d ago

AAA games from EA, Ubisoft, Activision, etc are too bloated and unfinished now. Hopefully they will learn from these smaller companies how to get back on course. No company is too big to be immune to fuck ups.

strayanalog170d ago

"If you're going to do triple-I, it has to be different to triple-A. You can't just do a small version of triple-A. You have to be bold, and tackle subjects that everyone else is ignoring, and aim for a niche."

All I can say is it's about time. This sounds like what we should have been doing more of this generation, a back-to-basics kinda thing. Now while I slightly disagree that every game should tackle a subject that everyone ignores‎, games do need to try to be bold or aim for a niche. It's what gaming was build on, after all. No one got any where with settling.
Either way,‎ combining this news, the Switch, and whatever Sony and Microsoft do next, Generation 9 just got more interesting.‎