Ace of Seafood Physical Edition

Following Playism's Limited Run Games recent success from Croixleur Sigma, Kero Blaster and Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, Playism is proud to be dropping their craziest and most thrilling title onto physical next.
Ace of Seafood releases May 11th!
Ace of Seafood is an open-world third-party action shooting game set in the vast ocean, developed by Nussoft, known for his quirky seafood-themed games (Neo Aquarium, FightCrab). In this world, sea creatures possess the ability to shoot powerful lasers that can destroy just about anything. Organize up to six members of fish or crabs in your party. Defeat enemies, collect followers, train yourself and secure reefs. Expand your fighting power by fighting various other creatures while exploring the vast underwater world.

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Hmm, this game sounds fishy...